75 years of the Golden Gate Bridge and scary numbers

San Francisco has been the 13th most famous American city is for a reason.

 The Golden Gate Bridge, the most recognizable architecture behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France).

Impressive figures

Approximately 10 million tourists visit and photograph the bridge each year, although it is no longer the world's longest suspension bridge (which now belongs to the Akashi Kaiko Bridge in Japan) and is not a tree. The highest bridge and most traffic in the world.


Golden Gate Bridge of America Driver on Golden Gate Bridge. Every day the bridge receives 100,000 vehicles, 10,000 pedestrians and 6,000 cyclists

Every day, this bridge helps 100,000 cars, 10,000 pedestrians and 6,000 cyclists travel from San Francisco's coastline to the lush Green Marin County.

The Golden Gate Bridge is 2.74 km long, its elevation 227.38m high, and has been used extensively in feature films since Vertigo directed by Hitchcock, Monsters vs. Aliens and Rise of the Vertigo. The Planet Apes.

More than seven decades have passed, almost every day during the day, some of it is being painted, maintained, replaced with old equipment (know that each tower has more than 600,000 trash) ...

To cater for the health of the 887,000 ton bridge, this included a police unit, a fire truck with 1,700 liters of water, and four tow trucks. Because of strong winds, traffic on the bridge has been banned three times in the past 75 years, in 1951, 1982, and 1983.

One can not fail to mention that the bridge continues to be the site of the world's number one suicide.


Since it was inaugurated on May 27, 1937, about 1,600 deaths have been found and more have not been confirmed. In other words, every 2.5 days someone will come to the bridge to die or try to reach death.

The bridge "unsafe"?

The Golden Gate Bridge has become a threat to the public due to insufficient safety barriers. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New York, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, the Duomo in Florence, the Sydney Harbor Bridge and many other buildings have suicide barriers, except the Golden Gate Bridge.

75 years of Golden Gate Bridge and the numbers ... scary - photo 2The Golden Gate Bridge, work almost daily

Ironically, the original design required a higher railing along the path to prevent suicides. However, due to a decision at the last minute, the railing was lowered to increase visibility. As a result, almost anyone could climb through it, from a 5-year-old girl (the youngest suicide, in 1945) to a 75-year-old overweight woman in 2005, or three children Thrown over the banister, then danced to death (one in 1964 and two in 1993.

Finally, in 2008, bridge management voted to add a 6-meter-thick stainless steel net under the aisle. It does not differ much from the grid installed by Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss, which protects workers ($ 4 a day) and engineers ($ 10 a day) during bridge construction and saves lives. 19 people.


However, due to the lack of money allocated for the fitting of grids outside the design, even just to be completed next year, deaths continue.

Some people have opposed this installation due to funding issues, but over the years, bridge management has spent millions of dollars on improving the safety of other public facilities. Does not affect many people.

Others object that, according to them, the installation will undermine the aesthetics of the bridge, but in other places known for suicides, barriers usually do not affect, or impact Very little to the exterior appearance. There are also people who say that they will not change, as people can still find ways to commit suicide, but many studies show that many people just want to choose a 'death pattern', if that's not the case. Well then they will accept to live on!

In a study published in 1978, researchers at the University of California at Berkeley monitored what happened to 515 people who were prevented from suicide: 94% were still alive for 25 years or died Another cause.

When the fence was installed, data showed suicide had stopped. The places that once attracted people are 'bored alive' such as the Colorado Boulevard Bridge, Aurora Bridge, Duke Ellington Bridge, Bloor Street Viaduct (Canada), Clifton Suspension Bridge (England), Grafton Bridge (New Zealand) And many other places, suicide has stopped after the fence has been erected.


The tourism industry was not affected, but many lives were saved. On the day when there is more protection net, along with the inherent beauty, Golden Gate Bridge will become a work of compassion and that will really be a day worth cherishing.

As a beauty queen, but still attractive, the Golden Gate Bridge attracts many visitors. However not anyone old, fog thick, only two iron towers rise.

By: Tommy Danine

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