11 interesting things you should know about the Big Ben

From the Thames, if you have a glimpse of the Big Ben, you've actually been to London.

As the sun goes down, four reddish-brown clocks are illuminated so that everyone can see it even miles away.

If you have a chance to travel to the UK in time to come, the Clock Tower of Big Ben (now renamed Elizabeth Tower) is a great destination that you should not miss. In this article, let's take a look at some of the interesting things that you might have found in books or on the Internet about the watch that is considered to be the pride of the people of England.

1. Big Ben clock tower is considered the symbol of England. This is the common name of the Westminster Palace clock tower, in which Big Ben is the largest bell (weighs in at 13.5 tons) out of the five bell towers.

2. In June 2012, Big Ben was officially renamed Elizabeth Tower to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. However, people still call Big Ben.

3. Big Ben was started construction in 1843 and completed in 1859. In the face of the Nazi fierce assault during World War II, Big Ben survived despite losses on one hand. It is because of this that the clock is considered the symbol of victory of the British.


4. Up to now, Big Ben has been 157 years old, ringing every 15 minutes and making "bong" sounds when punctuality.

5. By 2015, the Big Ben watch is detected running slow for 6 seconds. To overcome this problem, engineers adjusted by adding or subtracting coins to make the pendulum work correctly.

6. Big Ben is tilted to the northwest by an angle of 0.26 degrees. According to calculations, it takes about 10,000 years to Big Ben new tilt as the leaning tower of Pisa Italy.

7. Big Ben stopped ringing for two years when the first world war broke out.

8. Inside the Big Ben tower there is no elevator. As such, people allowed inside Big Ben had to walk on a 334-degree stairs.

9. It is estimated that if Big Ben was built at present, the cost would be about $ 222,000 (equivalent to nearly $ 5 billion).

10. Four sides of the Big Ben watch are cleaned by experts every 5 years.

11. The bell of the Big Ben was used as the BBC's official soundtrack on February 17, 1924.

By: Turner Phillips

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