Youtube and interesting statistics

These are interesting numbers that you may not know about YouTube, one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world.

Number of monthly users: 2 billion

This is a new milestone for YouTube this year. According to Android Authority, the platform has reached 2 billion users logged in every month, equivalent to about a quarter of the world's population. Some statistics show that 62% of users are male.

Uploaded content per minute: 500 hours


A few months ago, Google revealed that there were 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, equivalent to 30,000 hours per hour and 720,000 hours per day. In other words, you need 82 years to watch the entire video content uploaded to YouTube in just one day.

Acquired by Google for $ 1.65 billion


YouTube was founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees - Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen. The YouTube domain was activated on February 14, 2005, and the first video was uploaded on April 23. The platform was quickly successful beyond expectation. In 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $ 1.65 billion.

Market value: $ 140 billion


Google was right to spend nearly $ 2 billion buying YouTube. Some statistics show that YouTube brings $ 20 billion in annual revenue to Google with a market value of more than $ 140 billion.

The video with the most views: 6.3 billion views


“Despacito” (the music video of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee) is a video that holds a record of YouTube views. At the time of writing this article, the music video has 6.3 billion views, followed by “Shape of You” of Ed Sheeran with 4.3 billion views, and “See You Again” of Wiz Khalifa with 4.1 billion views.

Number of videos viewed every day: 5 billion


Last year, some statistics said users watch a total of 5 billion videos on YouTube every day, equivalent to 150 billion per month. This year's figure will be slightly higher, perhaps because YouTube has never publicly shared these figures. YouTube's video viewing time is also higher than Netflix, more than 1 billion hours a day while Netflix’s is 1 billion hours a week.

The amount of the richest YouTuber earned: $ 22 million


According to Forbes, Ryan Kaji is YouTuber making the most money from YouTube in 2018 with $ 22 million. In particular, Ryan was only 7 years old with Ryan ToysReview toy review channel. The channel currently has more than 21 million subscribers with over 31 billion video views.

The channel with the highest number of subscribers: 107 million subscribers


PewDiePie was the most registered YouTube channel in a long time, but that ended in March when the T-Series (an Indian channel) officially defeated PewDiePie. Currently, T-Series has more than 107 million subscribers, while PewDiePie has only about 98 million subscribers.

Mobile viewing time: 70%


Most videos on YouTube are viewed on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets, only 30% are on the remaining devices such as computers and TVs.

Average viewing time in one visit: 40 minutes


We can't deny the appeal of YouTube when the average viewing time in one visit is 40 minutes. There are many interesting videos that make it hard to ignore. For reference, an average Facebook visit lasts about 35 minutes, still losing to YouTube.

The video has the most dislikes: 16 million dislikes


It seems incredible but the most disliked video on this platform is posted by Google. It was YouTube 2018 Rewind, which synthesized the cult trends on YouTube throughout 2018. Some of the reasons for the content and characters made the video has 16 million dislikes (still 2.5 million likes).

Support: 80 languages, 91 countries


To reach more and more users, YouTube supports up to 80 languages, equivalent to 95% of Internet users and is available in 91 countries worldwide.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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