Xiaomi aspires to develop smartphones using solar power

Xiaomi wants to integrate solar batteries on its smartphones as a way to create competitiveness.

While smartphone configurations are getting more and more advanced, battery life is still a problem for smartphone makers to get headaches. To handle this problem, Xiaomi has aspired to develop smartphones that use solar batteries without charging. 


The LetsGoDigital technology site has found a patent of Xiaomi registered at the World Intellectual Property Office to describe a new smartphone of this brand. Product description image shows that this is a smartphone with borderless screen design, the camera is arranged vertically and the special highlight is the solar panels arranged on the back of the product. 


The image also shows that the product is not too thick (proof that the rear camera is still protruding, rather than having a completely flat design). The patent does not clearly describe the solar batteries placed inside or outside the case. However, the recent smartphone Xiaomi often releases the version with a transparent case that is clearly visible on the inside. Therefore, it does not exclude the possibility that solar batteries are located underneath the transparent case to be able to get power from sunlight. 

There is not much detailed information about the product described at the World Intellectual Property Office, but it is clear that Xiaomi is ambitious to develop solar batteries. Thereby, users do not need to charge the battery and just turn their smartphone upside down in places with sunlight to recharge the product. This solution will be much faster and more convenient than having to carry a spare charger as before.  Of course, in addition to solar charging, Xiaomi still has to integrate the normal charging function on the product so that users can charge the battery at night or at times when there is no sun during the year. 


In fact, smartphones or mobile phones using solar cells appeared a long time ago, but there has been no product applied to reality. Samsung introduced Samsung E1107 Crest Solar or Samsung S7550 Blue Earth in 2009 and LG introduced the ideal GD510 smartphone in 2010. With the back of products integrated solar battery for charging, these products were not successful in the market in terms of sales.  In the context of the smartphone market which is saturated when smartphone models are similar in design and features, it requires smartphone companies to find new and special features for their products. It does not exclude the possibility that Xiaomi will integrate solar batteries on its smartphones as a way to create competitiveness for products. 

By: Grace White

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