What did tech CEOs do to earn their living before becoming a billionaire?

Like anyone, technology billionaires began with a very low starting line.


1. Jeff Bezos: With the success of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world with a fortune of up to $ 120 billion. Before becoming a billionaire, Amazon’s boss Jeff Bezos had his first job to flip the burger at McDonald's.


2. Mark Zuckerberg: Despite the privacy and security criticism of users, Facebook’s boss Mark Zuckerberg is still one of the richest people in the world with over 76 billion dollars. Zuckerberg once wrote a music listening application, like Spotify, when he was in high school, and earned $ 1 million for his first job.


3. Satya Nadella: Microsoft's current CEO - Satya Nadella started his career as a software engineer, before becoming the CEO of Microsoft in 2014.


4. Elon Musk: Tesla’s CEO - Elon Musk is the inspiration for director Jon Favreau to build Tony Stark (Iron Man). According to Business Insider, billionaire Elon Musk knows how to make money from a young age. At 12 years old, he had $ 500 from his first job when writing code for a game.


5. Jack Dorsey: Before owning nearly $ 6 billion in assets now, founder of Twitter and Square - Jack Dorsey began as a software engineer. The interesting thing is that Dorsey got this job by notifying the company president about a vulnerability on the website.


6. Evan Spiegel: Before owning $ 3.5 billion, SnapChat's co-founder started his career as a marketing officer for the Red Bull drink brand. This young billionaire did not receive any salary from this job.


7. Travis Kalanick: Former Uber’s CEO was one of the pioneers in the form of calling for startup capital, but now he has left the position of leadership of this brand. In his youth, Kalanick marketed Cutco knives. At 18, Kalanick opened his own company. He now owns $ 5.3 billion of assets with the majority from Uber, some from other investment areas.


8. Steve Jobs: Before founding Apple with Steve Wozniak in a garage at Mountain View, Steve Jobs's first job was a programmer, developing video games for Atari.


9. Tim Cook: Before helping Apple become a trillion company, Tim Cook delivered newspapers when he was in Alabama. After that, he worked for a paper factory, then an aluminum factory, before moving to the technology.


10. Bill Gates: Former CEO and founder of Microsoft - Bill Gates started his first job as a computer programmer for a car company in Michigan. At that time, he was only 16 years old and in high school. His assets are over $ 100 billion, after spending more than $ 35 billion to do charity.

By: Mithrine Smith

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