Useless features you want to remove from Windows 10

Windows 10 still has too many useless and annoying features for users. Although Windows 10 is a leap forward compared to Windows 8, it still needs some minor tweaks to make it more perfect.

The My People icon

By default, the My People icon is located on the Windows 10 taskbar, which allows you to click to chat with people in your contacts through various services. You can even pin your favorite contacts to the taskbar for quick access.

That is what happens in theory, but in reality, My People integrates very few services. By default, it only has Microsoft Mail and Skype, but it does not support SMS to sync with your phone nor does it support Facebook Messenger. Therefore, removing this feature and icon is something you should do.

The rarely touched 3D Object


Perhaps many people do not pay attention to the existence of the 3D Object folder icon in This PC (File Explorer) of Windows 10. It is created to store the files you make from the Paint 3D application as well as supporting 3D printers.

Microsoft also wants people to convert the virtual world of Minecraft games into 3D models and print them through this folder. However, the reality is not many people use it. Therefore, this is also an almost useless folder for normal users, so you can remove it through editing the Registry key.

Excess newsfeed of Microsoft Edge browser

Every time you open a new tab of Edge, you'll see a mess of news types you almost don't need. To make it worse, Microsoft doesn't even allow you to hide these sources or customize them to your personal liking.

News Feed has become a new tab of the new version of Microsoft Edge based on the new Chromium kernel and unfortunately, you can't remove it unless you switch to another browser.

The ineffective Bing search


The virtual assistant is built into Windows 10 and allows you to disable it if you want, but you cannot do the same to Bing search.

In the Start menu, you want to search for something, when typing here the search suggestions will come from Bing. Sometimes it will only suggest results from the web instead of the results from the files/applications available on your system.

The early version of Windows 10 allowed you to disable this built-in Bing search, but Microsoft removed that option in new versions. Of course, you can still turn off Bing in the Start menu, but through editing Registry keys, something not everyone knows and likes to do. Thankfully, this feature has now been optimized and works more effectively in the latest version of Windows 10.

Messy timeline

Timeline is a content viewing mode in Windows 10 by which the content is arranged in chronological order, thereby allowing you to return to the tasks you have done before. It even allows synchronization with other devices via a Microsoft account.

However, it is displayed messily and sometimes it is more difficult to find the application windows you have recently opened via the Timeline than to find and open the application directly through the Start menu.

While it's useful, there's no way to organize or remove some of the open application windows from the Timeline to make it cleaner. In other words, this is still an incomplete feature and you can disable it if needed.

S Mode

S Mode is the successor of Windows 10 S - an upgrade of Windows RT under Windows 8. They something in common which is that they cannot run standard x86 applications and of course no one wants it.

Like Windows RT, S Mode will only allow you to install some software available on Windows Stores. Hybrid computers like the Surface Laptop (first version) and Surface Go both have pretty useless built-in S Mode.

In addition, this mode has some other ridiculous limitations. When in S Mode, the computer will not allow you to change the default search engine from Bing to Google or other searchers. Thankfully, you can exit S Mode.

Initially, Microsoft planned to charge $50 if users want to exit S Mode. In other words, you need to spend an additional $50 to be able to "upgrade" to a regular version of Windows, allowing the installation of any standard application. Thankfully Microsoft has reconsidered and now you can exit S Mode for free.

Candy Crush Saga and a bunch of other trivia games


Of course, you cannot ignore the trivia game applications like Candy Crush Saga, FarmVille 2, Minesweeper or Solitaire and a variety of other games pre-installed on Windows 10.

Although they are not part of Windows 10, they are silently downloaded after you finish installing Windows 10 or will install after you click on their icon. Even Windows 10 Pro is pre-installed, and only Windows 10 Enterprise and Education get rid of them. Of course, they should be removed, especially on Windows tablets with very little internal memory.


By: Joe Cook

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