Top 10 people who make the most money on YouTube

List of 10 highest-paid YouTubers published by Viral X Files recently includes familiar names such as PewDiePie, Ryan Higa and Zoella.


10. Ryan Higa: Ryan Hyga is famous for his YouTube channel named nigahiga with funny and unique video content. Ryan Higa is a Japanese-American, he began uploading lip-synced videos to YouTube in mid-2006. Currently, his channel has 21 million subscribers, earning about $ 2 million per year.


9. Zoella: Zoella is one of Britain's most famous vlogger. Not only specializing in beauty care, but she also published her own novel. Currently, Zoella’s Youtube channel attracts 11 million subscribers and helps her earn about $ 3.5 million.


8. Jenna Marbles: Jenna Marbles has a real name called Jenna Nicole Mourey. She is one of the American famous actresses, comedies, vloggers, and YouTubers. Her channel has more than 19 million subscribers and is estimated to earn about $ 4.5 million.


7. Ray William Johnson: Ray William Johnson is an American comedian famous for the "Equals Three" series on YouTube. He started his YouTuber career in 2008 and earns about $ 5 million a year.


6. Vegetta777: Vegetta777 has a real name called Samuel de Luque Batuecas, and he is Spanish. His YouTube channel has content primarily commenting on the gaming process or streaming game. With more than 27 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Vegetta777 can earn about $ 6 million.


5. Blu Toys Club Surprise: Blu Toys Club Surprise is a YouTube children's channel with the contents reviewing toys. The channel has more than 7 million subscribers with a revenue of nearly $ 10 million a year, run by a hidden character.


4. DisneyCollectorBR: DisneyCollectorBR is a YouTube channel that specializes in reviewing children's toys. The owner of this YouTube channel is a hidden girl from Brazil. The total revenue of this YouTube channel is up to 10 million per year.


3. IISuperwomanII: IISuperwomanII is the YouTube channel of Lilly Singh, an Indian-Canadian multi-talented girl. Lilly is named on the list of YouTubers with the highest income with 10.5 million per year.


2. Smosh: Smosh is a video channel that has a strange name with funny content. It was founded in 2003, by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The total assets that Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla earn from YouTube are $ 12 million a year.


1. PewDiePie: PewDiePie is always on the list of the richest and most famous YouTubers in the world. His channel currently owns more than 98 million subscribers and earns over $ 100 million per year. Currently, this YouTube star has lost the title with the most followers on YouTube in the hands of T-Series.

By: Abigail Harris

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