These kids become billionaires thanks to Youtube

Children and social networks are a strange combination which in fact has created many stars and phenomena.

1. Maya and Mary

Number of subscribers: 5.3 million

Total views: 1.5 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 409,400 - $ 6.5 million


"Sing along" is the mainstream video style of Maya and Mary channel with the appearance of two sisters from Los Angeles. Occasionally, Maya and Mary's parents also appear in the video.

2. Boram Tube Vlog and Boram Tube ToysReview

Number of subscribers: 31.2 million

Total views: 10 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 601,800 - $ 9.6 million


Boram, a 6-year-old baby living in South Korea, is the second person on two YouTube channels. Boram Tube Vlog is a more popular channel. It has been developed since 2012 and shares pictures of Boram's life. Meanwhile, Boram Tube ToysReview channel mainly talks about her toys and posting videos playing with her friends and family.

3. Beam Copphone

Number of subscribers: 2.9 million

Total views: 3.9 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 635,100 - $ 10.2 million


The mischievous images of Beam - a boy living in Thailand are often shared on his YouTube channel, which has been created since 2012.

4. Toys And Little Gaby

Number of subscribers: 13.1 million

Total views: 5 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 899,500 - $ 14.4 million


Alex and Gaby regularly post videos about children's toys, challenges and activities together. The YouTube channel of these two cute babies was created in 2012. The two currently live in the UK.

5. TwinRoozi

Number of subscribers: 3.7 million

Total views: 1.3 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 1.2 million - $ 18.8 million


This YouTube channel shares the fun images of twin sisters from South Korea. TwinRoozi channel videos often revolve around the mukbangs theme (videos that capture them eating different foods) and share ways to do some things.

6. Ryan ToysReview

Number of subscribers: 21 million

Total views: 30.9 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 2.3 million  - $ 36.5 million


Ryan Kaji is considered one of the most popular toy reviewers on YouTube. The 7-year-old boy currently lives in Los Angeles.

7. Vlad and Nikita

Number of subscribers: 24.6 million

Total views: 10 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 2.3 million - $ 37.3 million


Toys and storytelling are the main themes on the YouTube channel of two brothers Vlad and Nikita.

8. Kids Diana Show

Number of subscribers: 32.2 million

Total views: 11.1 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 2.8 million - $ 44.7 million


Since 2015, Diana has become the star of YouTube Kids Diana Show. Diana often appears with her brother Roma in her videos. However, this boy also has a separate YouTube channel.

9. Maria Clara & JP

Number of subscribers: 11.2 million

Total views: 3.6 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 1.2 million - $ 18.6 million


Maria Clara (7 years old) and JP (10 years old) currently live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Their YouTube channel was created in 2015.

10. Like Nastya Vlog, Stacy Toys, and Funny Stacy

Number of subscribers: 61 million

Total views: 23.4 billion

Estimated annual income: $ 3.7 million - $ 59.7 million


Baby Stacy even has three extremely successful YouTube channels.

By: Kelly Jonas

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