The future of Atmel SAM L21

The ARM-based microcontroller Atmel SAM L21 can help to significantly improve energy efficiency on devices attached to the Internet of Things World.

Another innovation expends less vitality yet can in any case ensure the processing power and the capacity to interface with the sensors, wearables, and keen machines and additionally medicinal checking gadgets fall. 

This innovation can help gear run over 10 years without reviving. Maker Atmel microcontroller has as of late presented what makes processors in view of ARM's new help amplify the battery life of the brilliant gadgets of little limit. Microchip control lines SAM-based 32-bit Atmel SAM L21 design just shy of 35 microamp streams (Qa) is accomplished at a handling speed amid operation MHz and lower than 200 nanoamp (nA ) in rest method of the gadget. 

At CES 2015 last occasion, Andreas Eieland, Product Marketing Manager of Atmel said that in light of the fact that the chips utilize ultra-low power, it can be separated from the gadget.


Based on a benchmarking tool Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium's ULPbench (DeafBlind Communicator EEMBC) for devices using ultra-low-energy shows SAM L21 controller processor is the lowest power with a score of 185, higher than 50% compared with competitors such as STMicro STM32L4 and generations of his seniors at MCU Atmel.

In addition to reducing the amount of power needed for each MHz, now microcontroller can also interfere with the energy consumption of most applications. In sleep mode, to prevent energy loss from the switch, the system shuts down all functions of the controller, except for the clock to keep everything in sync with the rest to be restarted . SAM L21 clocks not only use but also can prevent leakage power stage from unused modules. This capability includes mode allows the peripherals can continue to connect with each other when the CPU cores in sleep mode.


L21 SAM microcontrollers use ARM Cortex M0 processor cores + 42 MHz, 32-bit ARM is the current minimum. This processor is also equipped with up to 256 KB Flash memory, 32 KB for static RAM, and 8 KB RAM for separate connections to keep everything in sleep mode, even with powers backup battery when the main battery is exhausted.

This processor is not powerful enough to run a desktop install Ubuntu but it's certainly enough in computing power and memory to run the operating system in real time with multiple applications, handle transactions physical presence, streaming from a USB device or memory expansion. It can also handle a variety of tasks to help reduce the energy consumption of the other components of a device.

Among the peripheral devices are updated to support the management system through the power of multi-L21 controller also has a touch interface (for buttons, sliders, wheels, and the touch surface application), AES encryption modules, algorithmic random number generator (TRNG). With the support capabilities such as AES and allows SAM L21 TRNG matching encryption applications (like the product EXOkey) and offers hardware-based virtual private network authentication.

As part of the introduction of sample products, Atmel also provides kits SAML21 Xplained Pro (XPRO) based on the L21 for developers evaluate designs quickly.


By: Jimmy Saunders

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