Can humans travel to space in 2020?

Virgin Galactic said it has completed the space terminal, ready to serve passengers who want to experience space travel next year.

After the first supersonic test flight, two pilots and one passenger were taken to the edge of the universe using the Unity spacecraft, Virgin Galactic space company of British billionaire Richard Branson is continuing to complete the final test flights before officially launching the service to take passengers to space next year.


In August, speaking at a press conference at Spaceport America aerospace airport in New Mexico state (in the southwestern US), CEO George Whitesides stated that is a great time to announce on the operational readiness of the space airport. Accordingly, he also said the "Space" terminal will soon be opened, the interior, as well as the ability to handle flight operations at the airport, is ready.


According to AFP news agency, Spaceport America located in the desert region of Jornada del Muerto (in New Mexico State) was licensed to operate in 2008 and the owner - British billionaire Richard Branson - opened the airport 3 years later. However, a crash in 2014 that killed a pilot forced Virgin Galactic's space tourism project to be suspended until now.

The flight to space was exploited from a mission control center in the Aerial Entrance, which is the main terminal building at the aerospace airport. Mike Moses, former NASA space shuttle manager, now president of Virgin Galactic said that unlike space shuttle astronauts, pilots of WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo are from at the airport itself. Mike Moses has access to all the data they need to fly vehicles into space.


With a maximum capacity of 6 passengers per flight, a hybrid spaceship between aircraft and missile of Virgin Galactic will be launched in mid-air from a mother ship called VMS Eve before using propulsion as a rocket to toward space. This trip will give visitors a flying experience in minutes in space. They will be in space zero gravity and see the curve of the Earth through the large windows, as well as admire things when below the ground can hardly see. The spaceship will then return to the ground in a ballistic way before the pilots control it like a roller coaster, and eventually land at Virgin Galactic's space airport in New Mexico State. 

According to George Whitesides, it is expected that the first official trip will be carried out next year, that is, in 2020 with passengers paying a fee to travel in space. The flying tests are gradually being completed as the last mission to help Virgin Galactic make human dreams of space travel and space tourism come true.

By: Roxana Edwards

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