Huawei announces new smartphone despite Mate 30's dingy future

Recently, Huawei has unexpectedly announced it will launch a new smartphone on October 17 at an event held in France.

While the situation of Huawei Mate 30 is still unclear when Google is still banning the series from using its service, the Chinese manufacturer has suddenly informed the French press about a new smartphone to be released on October 17 in this country.

Huawei's press release for the brand new smartphone

The new press release stands out at first sight. It comes with a background that highlights the contours of a nearly 100% full-view smartphone. Another notable detail is the bright spot on the upper right, which seems to suggest a front camera sensor below the screen. According to analysts, this new Huawei smartphone will focus on design and screen.

The screen of this new device will have an ultra-thin border, spilling over to two sides as on the Mate 30. series. Not containing a Notch or punch hole camera, it is still unclear how Huawei will hide the front camera. Previously, Huawei's only phone with this type of display was the 2019 Y9 Prime mid-range smartphone using a pop-up selfie camera system.

In addition, several reports indicate that the French media has now been invited to the event on October 17. According to the letter sent to the media, Huawei will launch a new series of smartphones. Unfortunately, there is currently no information regarding the configuration of these phones.

According to PhoneArena, the time of launch of the product may be in 2020, or even 2021. This page claims that Huawei smartphones are suffering from the US ban, making them unable to pre-install Google apps. Besides, Huawei has just launched the Mate 30 / Mate 30 Pro duo, while the Mate X foldable smartphone has not been finalized. So it is likely that Huawei will not rush to launch new products. It is expected that the full-view phone will be launched with Kirin 1000 processor.

Huawei Mate 30

Although Huawei predicted global sales of the Mate 30 series would decline, the company still expected strong growth in its home market of China. In addition, CEO Richard Yu believes that the Mate 30 can achieve sales of more than 30 million units despite the US trade ban as well as the lack of availability of applications and services from Google.

According to a research by Canalys in May, despite being pressured by the US in the global market, Huawei still had speedy growth in China, and the second quarter of this year was the time when its sales peaked in the past 8 years compared to other mobile carriers in the domestic market.

On the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, Huawei is also using a special screen design with 88-degree curved edges. However, recent Huawei products, including the P30 series, have been underestimated because they still follow the same old Notch display, while other Android manufacturers have continuously improved and changed the new design.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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