How are the desks of tech billionaires?

While the boss of Amazon uses a desk from the doors, legendary investor Warren Buffett uses a desk inherited from his father.

Jeff Bezos 


As one of the richest people on the planet, billionaire Jeff Bezos has so far kept his desk from his early days. The Amazon retail empire was built thanks to the savings of the founder's parents. Therefore, Jeff Bezos did not dare to squander but always save money. When Amazon employees needed a desk, the business owner found a cheap solution: instead of buying the right desks, he assembled the doors into desks. 

A company spokesman said Bezos's desk at the Amazon office was still a composite desk from the doors. It was an improved and more modern version of the desk he used in the 1990s. However, for Bezos, the desk symbolizes the way of saving since he started the company when he made the first desk. 

Bill Gates 


A source on Business Insider said, at the time of 2006, when Bill Gates was still the CEO of Microsoft, there were no books or papers on his desk. Instead, the billionaire placed a computer with up to 3 screens synchronized to form a large screen. In an interview, billionaire Bill Gates once revealed that combining 3 display screens helped him to increase his productivity to many times. 

Mark Zuckerberg 


Also according to Business Insider, tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg chose a desk like all employees of facebook. On the desk, Mark Zuckerberg put a MacBook and a stack of books that he challenged himself to read through the "Year of Books". 

Warren Buffett 


The desk of billionaire Warren Buffett carries the nostalgic nature of a businessman of the previous period. The table was inherited from his father. On the desk of the legendary investor, there is no computer or modern technology equipment. The working corner includes only documents and books about Buffett's key deals. 

Elon Musk


The desk of billionaire Elon Musk at SpaceX headquarter (California, USA) is a combination of 4 small tables forming a C-shape. At the working corner, in addition to popular office tools such as computers or papers, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla also adds a thick stack of books and spacecraft models. The table beside the outside is always left blank by the billionaire, for Musk to organize online meetings with customers as well as subordinates. 

Sheryl Sandberg 


Instead of books and papers, the desk of Sheryl Sandberg - CEO of Facebook has many special personal items such as lip balm, Coca Diet bottle, hand training dumbbells and a special rubber band for physical therapy.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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