Google pays each person $ 5 to get the user's face

To make face unlock feature on Pixel 4 more accurate, Google collected people's faces and paid them 5 USD.

Google employees traveled throughout American cities, offering certificates of $ 5 to everyone in exchange for face scans. The company also confirmed that it carried out a work called "field research" to collect facial scanning data to improve its algorithm and thereby increase the accuracy of Pixel 4. 


A company’s spokesman confirmed that the purpose of the scans is to ensure that the Pixel 4 works with a diverse set of faces. Biometric features include facial recognition that has a bad reputation for racial and gender bias. It is possible to mention Amazon when a company with racism is shown through facial recognition algorithms. Therefore, Google wants to avoid that from happening with their phones. In order for Pixel 4 to avoid this distinction, Google needs to train its algorithm with a variety of faces, but if it is only for employees, the identifier will not perform correctly. Therefore, the solution is that the company must reach people on the streets, pay them money and get permission to scan the faces. 


Google is collecting data on infrared, color and depth from each face according to time, ambient light level and some other related information. The company originally collected location information, but Google didn't need it anymore so they would stop and delete it. These data types also show how the face unlock feature works by Google. The feature will create an in-depth map of the user's face to ensure accuracy and security. In addition, this feature also works in the dark thanks to an infrared camera. 


According to Google’s spokesperson, although collected face patterns will still hold an identity, each participant is assigned a code to identify. However, the company will keep each participant's email address separately to delete the required data. In addition, anyone who participates in Google's research process can request their face data to be deleted. 


When Pixel 4 is sold to users, the data that the device uses to unlock it will not be posted to Google's servers. Security and privacy are the Pixel's core principles. Face unlock uses face recognition technology processed on the user's device so that image data never leaves the phone. Images used for face unlock feature are not saved or shared with other Google services. To protect user privacy and security, face data is securely stored in the phone's Titan M chip, similar to data from Soli sensor. Google's efforts to collect data will help the face unlock feature to be as equal as or better than what is available on Apple's iPhone. 

By: Olivia Swift

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