Galaxy Fold: more than just a foldable phone

For Galaxy Fold, the most important issue is not sales but its impact on the entire smartphone market as well as many other businesses of Samsung.

Finally, Galaxy Fold, the most innovative smartphone of Samsung Electronics has launched. For the Korean electronics giant, the success of the $ 1,980 device is not measured by the number of products shipped, but rather how many competitors will decide to develop a similar device.

The warm welcome for the Galaxy Fold faced a splash of cold water when there were defects in the design of the folding screen. But unlike the Galaxy Note7 incident that happened three years ago, this time, Samsung's leadership handled the situation better by deciding to postpone the launch date to redesign its new brainchild.

Debuting for the second time after being delayed for nearly 5 months, Galaxy Fold still shows its attractiveness is not much diminished when the first batch was sold out in Korea after only a few hours, though only 1,000 devices were on sale this time.


Sales are not the most important thing

But for investors, they don't care much about the device's sales. A broader vision of its potential throughout the industry is what experts think of.

Currently, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi or even Apple, these smartphone manufacturers are competing for millimeters in expanding the screen size and narrowing the border around it. While these are all rivals of Samsung on the smartphone playing field, they are potential customers for the Korean company's screen business.

Samsung's OLED display technology has been giving the company impressive gains in the past few years when leading brands in the smartphone industry, like Apple, use it on their flagship phones. But that halo is fading as the global smartphone market is on the decline. At the same time, Samsung and many other competitors are actively looking for something new to offer users.


Galaxy Fold and other foldable devices can simultaneously solve both problems for other competitors. There is no need to race in shrinking every millimeter of screen size when a large screen can be folded into your palm. The foldability also opens a new door in the future of design trends, bringing smartphones out of boredom today, and stimulating users to buy new devices.

With that vision, the Galaxy Fold's performance will draw potential customers to Samsung's flexible display technology. The device will be more like a concept car, demonstrating the manufacturer's technological capabilities rather than promoting sales.

Demonstration for Samsung's creative ability

For years, the power of smartphones, displays and memory chips has helped Samsung increase its profits. Now these areas are leveling off.

If the screen division could exploit it, flexible screen technology would be seen as a technical masterpiece. According to reporters Sohee Kim and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg with a Galaxy Fold on their hands, although the line in the middle of the foldable screen is still visible, it is not too annoying. The phone's features work very well. Other reports also show positive reviews from the media.


As for the smartphone division, the launch of Galaxy Fold can overcome the challenge of lasting indifference towards upgrading phones from users. At the same time, it also shows that the division had timely stopped releasing a defective product that could cost the company money and destroy its brand.

If the response from users is positive, both of these parts of Samsung can claim victory. More broadly, it will show that the company has found a way to create and implement its creation. It also proves that the company has learned a lesson from the Galaxy Note7 by responding promptly and appropriately in this case to reverse a PR disaster.

Galaxy Fold is just the beginning. According to a new Bloomberg report, Samsung is working on a new foldable product. This device will further expand design capabilities as well as bring up many other technical and marketing challenges.

However, the true success of the device lies in whether competitors have begun to follow the trend of foldable screens by using Samsung screens or not.

By: Olivia Smith

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