Galaxy Book S: The most attractive Samsung laptop in 2019

At the event on August 8, in addition to Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+, Samsung also introduced to users an impressive laptop named Galaxy Book S.

Samsung is known as a famous phone manufacturer but laptops from this brand have not attracted much attention from users. It seems that Samsung is looking to elevate its position in the laptop manufacturing industry when it recently invested in a device called Galaxy Book S. Let's list the advantages of Galaxy Book S to see that this is Samsung's most attractive laptop at the moment.

Being thin, light, durable, and easy to carry

The first impression when Samsung launched the Galaxy Book S was a very thin laptop (only from 6.2mm - 11.8mm) and compact. Owning a 13.3-inch screen, the device has a thickness of 11.8mm. Not only that, but this product also has a very lightweight, less than 1kg. With such a compact size and volume, users can easily bring Galaxy Book S anytime, anywhere to use whenever it is needed to solve work.


Users can be assured of the durability of the product. The metal material that Samsung uses on Galaxy Book S is very sturdy and firm, bringing a luxurious and elegant look.


Samsung also uses a hinge design that can enhance the keyboard a bit more when opening the laptop. This feature will help users not to get tired when typing for a long time.


Galaxy Book S has 2 USB-C ports with battery charging capability. Users can use a backup charger to power the device in necessary cases.

Owning a powerful configuration


Galaxy Book S is the first laptop to own Snapdragon 8cx processor. With the Snapdragon 8cx processor, Galaxy Book S not only possesses high performance, good graphics but also has longer battery life. Moreover, thanks to the power-saving capability of the Snapdragon 8cx, Samsung does not need to equip the cooling fan for Galaxy Book S, making the device much thinner.


Although not using traditional chips like other laptops, Galaxy Book S is still preinstalled with Windows 10 Home or Pro and can even easily install software such as Microsoft Office. The Galaxy Book S version introduced by Samsung at the event has 8GB RAM and 256/512GB of internal memory. The manufacturer notes that this parameter may vary depending on the market of each country.

Owning an impressive battery life

With the Galaxy Book S, users can be assured of bringing the device to work for a long day even when not charging.


According to Samsung, Galaxy Book S will have up to 23 hours of battery life in normal operating conditions. Of course, the actual use may not be able to achieve such a timeframe and in the process of using, battery life will also decrease but anyway this is still a very impressive number.

Starting the device with just a touch

Another feature of Galaxy Book S is that the device can stay on like the phone. With just one touch, users can turn on or turn off the device easily.


Whether touching anywhere such as the power button, fingerprint sensor, keyboard or touchpad, Samsung Galaxy Book S is always ready to meet user needs.

Supporting for LTE connection


With the Galaxy Book S, Samsung has equipped the device to support LTE connectivity through a nano sim slot. This feature is relatively necessary in cases where users need to use the device in a place without a network.


In brief, as the first laptop to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor, Galaxy Book S has some outstanding features compared to traditional laptop models.

By: Abigail Harris

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