Facebook considers hiding Like counts

Facebook hopes hiding Like counts will make people less jealous and stop compare the number of Likes for each post.

Facebook may hide the number of Like for every News Feed post to protect users from envy and crave. Instagram tested it in seven different countries, including Canada and Brazil, by displaying only the Likes of some people or their mutual friends, instead of the total.

This solution is expected to prevent users from comparing, or feeling unfair because their posts do not have as many Likes as other people'.

This news was first discovered by application researcher Jane Manchun Wong, when using reverse engineering to find lines of code inside Android's Facebook application that allow to hide the number of Likes of each post.


Thus, except for the poster, no one will know this number exactly. Others will only see a few react emojis and a note like "by a friend and others", instead of a specific number.

Facebook has confirmed this fact to TechCrunch. The company is considering testing to hide Like counts, but the test has not yet started.

The Like button has been a key feature of Facebook for a decade, and users are increasingly complaining that it makes them feel worse when they become concerned about whether their posts get lots of Likes or not. People may not post what they fear will not gain many Likes, or they will delete things like that. Publicly removing the number of Likes can help solve this problem.

If that leads to more Facebook posts or more time on Facebook, perhaps the company will test this in the near future.


Customers are facing a lot of unexpected changes from Facebook lately. Last month, this social network even changed the slogan that existed for over 10 years, so it is no longer "free and always will be" now.

In 2008, when registering to become a member of social networking site Facebook, the first slogan that caught the eye of network users was "It's free and always will be". Having been on Facebook's homepage for more than a decade, the famous tagline lied right under the Sign Up button, emphasizing the "free" element of the social networking platform.

However, in an unexpected move, the slogan was silently changed to "It's quick and easy", according to a recent discovery by Business Insider. Using the website photo storage tool Wayback Machine, the site discovered the changes made by Facebook between August 6 - 7.



Although Facebook has not yet provided an official explanation for this change, but according to Bussiness Insider, these may be a new step of the company in response to a directive by the European parliament in May. The directive for the first time recognizes data delivery as a form of payment.

Up to now, Facebook has always affirmed that users will not have to pay any fee when registering to become a member on this social network. Instead, the platform operates and benefits from an ad-based business model.

In reality, however, the price for this "free" comes from our own personal data. And of course, this price is not cheap.

"Facebook is not free nor has it ever been," Business Insider quoted lawyer and digital law expert José Antonio Castillo. "Facebook's currency was and still is it's users' personal data. It's never been free, though, because data is worth a lot of money."


By: Emma Chavez

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