Elon Musk invests $ 100 million in sewing chips into the human brain

Neuralink company invested by billionaire Elon Musk wants to bring data collection devices into the human brain with a simple surgery.

Elon Musk wants to put a computer that is as small as a chip on the phone, into the human brain safely and easily. That's why he invested $ 100 million for Nerualink, the company that developed the device.


Neuralink recently announced a "sewing machine-like" robot that it plans to use to put machines into the human brain, and plans to test it in 2020. According to Neuralink, the chip inserted into the human brain can read and write data. However, the NY Times considers the company's vision to be a bit unrealistic, compared to the vision of many other companies owned or invested by Elon Musk.


As the achievements of artificial intelligence, the idea of putting a device into the human brain to speed up communication between people and computers sounds like it was taken from a scientific novel. This idea was mentioned in the novel "Neuromancer" by William Gibson, in which the chip put into the human brain to help it access the entire database. Of course, the real product of Neuralink is far from reaching the level as in the novel. The company representative said it was a long time before they could provide chip implant services in the human brain in commercial form.

Currently, to put the chip in the human brain, the surgeons will have to drill a hole in the skull. However, in the future, this technique could be replaced by a laser projector. One of the biggest challenges of a mechanical drill is that the vibration when drilling through the skull is very uncomfortable while using a laser will not feel the vibration.


Neuralink will work with brain surgeons at Stanford University and many other medical schools to conduct tests. The company also introduced a machine to read data from the brain mouse in the laboratory with 1,500 electrodes, 15 times more than the best scanner for humans. This machine is used in medical research and application. However, many independent scientists also expressed the view that experimenting with lab animals does not guarantee success when applied to humans.

Nerualink's most outstanding technological achievement is that they can place connections between electrodes very close to neurons, tiny cells that make up the brain. If it is possible to collect data from giant cells and transfer them wirelessly to a computer, this will be a breakthrough in human brain research.


Neuralink's special machine will use microneedles and imaging systems to bring the chip into the brain and stitch the electrodes very accurately, avoiding touching the blood vessels on the brain's surface. According to the company, the wires between the chip and the human brain are about the size of a quarter of a hair. Each conductor will connect to a series of electrodes, or can be considered sensors. The chip can be placed in different locations and depths in the brain to study the different functions of the brain, such as the brain centers for speaking, seeing, hearing or controlling movement.

By: Emily Garcia

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