Dell Ultrasharp U3419W: The perfect choice for designers

If you're a fan of curved screens, great resolution, and a great display panel, the Dell U3419W is the product for you.


With the choice of computer monitors, Dell will be the first brand to be mentioned with legendary names and the famous Ultrasharp line. Although it does not excel in design as well as does not change design constantly like other brands, Dell still achieved the No. 1 spot in the display market because of its durability and long-term reliability. Dell's current screen models are also constantly being changed, even the 21: 9 curved screen has also been released with the U34 series. At the end of last year, Dell introduced the U3419W, a curved screen that supports USB Type-C connectivity and offers excellent display quality.

Design and usefulness


Not pursuing trends quickly, instead, the Dell brand screen is always improving slowly based on analysis of behavior and user needs. At the same time, it focuses on convenience, usefulness, certainty, and quality. Must be an experienced person in screen selection, you realize Dell's changes through each model, sometimes adding ports, innovative platforms, strip upgrades. It is understandable why even though there are not too many special products and breaking ways like Viewsonic, LG, Samsung, AOC, or ASUS, Dell Ultrasharp is still the top name mentioned.


As mentioned above, the Dell U3419W looks exactly the same as the U3417W from the exterior, curvature, and display panels, but there's a difference that the screen models since the end of 2018 should have a USB-C port. With a useful USB standard, it helps laptops or supporting devices connect to the screen, and maximize the connection ports on the computer. Accordingly, just a single wire, the laptop will exploit all 4 USB 3.0 ports, and export images at the best speed, no need to add extra USB cables. Moreover, the screen will provide up to 90W of power for the laptop, no need to plug in the charger. Obviously, USB-C offers great convenience and is gradually gaining popularity on case and laptop.



One of the points that the Dell screen marks with the user is that the hinges are really sturdy, the base with a thick rubber layer is almost firmly attached to the tabletop, and it is hard to feel the vibration even though the size is quite bulky. On the U3419W, it's almost impossible to find any disappointment in the design. U3419W stand can rotate flexibly to 60 degrees and tilt 26 degrees and has more than 11 cm to adjust the height. With a curved screen, the vertical rotation is almost ineffective, and up to 34 inches in size makes Dell not bring this to U3419W.

Ability of display

A Dell flagship display certainly has top-notch display quality with the ability to reproduce 10 color bits instead of the usual 8 bits. 10 bits also explains why Dell Ultrasharp U3419W is so expensive. In fact, the Dell Ultrasharp U3419W is capable of displaying up to 99% of the sRGB color range, using the Spyder 5 Elite. With Dell, the screen parameters, especially the color range, are very important because it serves a wide range of subjects, both business and professional users. Possessing 21: 9 shape ratio and 1900R curvature, it gives visual effects as well as wide display space.


At $ 769.99, Dell Ultrasharp U3419W offers a truly impressive experience. Just like what Dell used to do, the company does not upgrade quickly but instead is a small but beneficial addition. Basically, the U3419W is no different from the U3417W except for adding a trendy USB-C connection to optimize the number of connected wires. If you are in need of a business-entertainment monitor, especially for professional graphic design users, the Dell Ultrasharp U3419W is the first consideration.

By: Joshua Thompson

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