Besides iPhone, what products are expected at Apple event 2019?

In addition to the 2019 iPhone, Apple will introduce many of its other important products at the September 10 event.


iPhone 2019: Bloomberg predicts Apple will launch three iPhone models, two of which are called "Pro". The most notable upgrade on the 2019 iPhone generation lies in the camera system. Two Pro versions are equipped with an ultra-wide-angle camera. In addition, the new iPhone also features a combination of images of all three cameras when shooting. Image processing features result in higher resolution images while improving night mode. The successor to the XR model is also added a telephoto lens.


16-inch MacBook Pro: The 16-inch MacBook Pro will have the same overall size as existing 15-inch devices. This is achieved by reducing the screen border size. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also revealed this will be the first model to not use a butterfly keyboard. Instead, it will be equipped with a new keyboard type for durability and better use feeling.


Apple Watch 5: A source from Bloomberg said the Apple Watch 5 will not have many design changes compared to its predecessor device. Instead, the company will focus on improving the features and battery life on this model. Economic Daily News of China revealed that the screen on Apple Watch 5 will use the new micro-LED technology, allowing better energy saving.


IOS 13, iPadOS, watchOS 6 operating systems: iOS 13, iPadOS operating system was first introduced by Apple at WWDC event in early June. As usual, when launching a new iPhone, the company will launch a stable version of the operating system so users can upgrade. Apple says iOS 13 will focus heavily on performance. Specifically, with iOS 13, the speed of unlocking the screen with Face ID will be 30% faster, and the speed of application opening is also two times faster.


Apple TV: The company may introduce an upgraded configuration of the Apple TV model. According to The Verge, the new Apple TV can use the A12 chip, better support for entertainment and gaming experiences.


Apple TV +, Apple Arcade: Apple is changing itself from a hardware company to selling and services. At the WWDC event in June, the company introduced a number of new services such as Apple TV + or Apple Arcade (Apple's game package service). The source from The Verge said that, besides the iOS 13 platform, it will release Apple Arcade service for $ 4.99/month. Meanwhile, users will have to pay $ 9.99/month to experience Apple TV +.


"One more thing": This is a familiar saying at every iPhone launch event. This year, the surprise for fans could be AR glasses. In a test version of iOS 13, MacRumors found that Apple was working on an AR device to combine with its products. Some previous sources said that this model will be called Apple Glass.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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