Apple sets a big penalty for those who dare to disclose iPhone 12

Apple’s partners must pay a fine of up to $ 25 million and bear all investigating costs if the information about the iPhone 12 is revealed to the outside.

In recent years, Apple is having trouble keeping the designs and features of its iPhones secret before its launch. This led Apple to take some measures to help the iPhone "invisible" such as establishing a private security team, named New Product Security Team (NPS). However, that still has not reassured Apple that their production lines and partners in China do not leak information about new products outside. Therefore, they have imposed a huge fine for those who dare to leak information about the iPhone 12.


Specifically, the partners must pay a fine of up to 25 million USD and bear all investigation costs if the iPhone 12 is revealed to the outside. To meet this requirement of Apple, Apple partners have mobilized a series of new security measures such as upgrading the camera system which enhances the face recognition feature, adds security forces, etc. Therefore, in the future, the leaked information about the new iPhone will no longer appear as much as it is now.

It is known that at the time when the late CEO of Apple - Steve Jobs was alive, keeping Apple's new products secretly worked very effectively. Before the launch, the product information was only revealed to about 100 people selected by Steve Jobs himself. However, after Steve Jobs died, this wall of Apple was no longer stable.


For example, in 2013, thousands of iPhone plastic cases were stolen and distributed to social networks by an employee of Jabil, an Apple supply chain in China. This incident forced Apple to redeem 19,000 iPhone 5c cases. Even so, the images of this smartphone spread online before the iPhone 5c came out. Soon after, two employees also at the supply chain Jabil, secretly stole 180 iPhone 6s by falsifying inventory tracking tables. Apple after discovering the incident secretly bought all these stolen devices.

Apple often has a habit of not relying on investigating agencies to find out about these leaks. Because if it does, Apple will be forced to provide enough information to these agencies, meaning that it will reveal the unreleased devices. Therefore, thieves who steal iPhone component are usually only judged on the physical value of the stolen property, instead of the value of the intellectual property.


At the present time, it is still not possible to know whether Apple's efforts to prevent design leakage will work better. Just knowing that the information about the iPhone that the company will release in September has been completely leaked. According to reports and information leaked last time, we learn that iPhone 11 will have major changes in the rear camera cluster. Apple will put 3 rear camera lenses and LED flash inside a very large square module. Besides, iPhone 11 will still keep rabbit ears design from iPhone X.

By: Gitta Russell

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