Apple establishes New Product Security team to prevent information leakage

After the leak of information on the iPhone 5C, Apple has established New Product Security team to monitor the suppliers and assembly section of the company in China.

Information leakage is gradually becoming more and more popular in the world of technology. However, in the past 6 years, Apple has always been trying to find feasible plans to put those situations under control. 

It is reported by The Information that after the leak of information on the iPhone 5C, recently, Apple has established an internal information security department called New Product Security (NPS). This group is responsible for supervising the suppliers and assembly section of the company based in China in order to limit the possibility of unwanted situations when factory workers might unfold new products’ details. 

The image of iPhone 5C that was revealed by a worker at Jabil. Photo: Getty Images. 

A worker of Jabil, an Apple's supply chain, was accused of leaking the iPhone 5C’s design. This guy ran off the factory with a case of the iPhone 5C. Somehow, he was able to get rid off the sight of security cameras. The case of the iPhone 5C  has been photographed and posted on the internet, revealing the biggest change of the iPhone, which is its plastic and colorful case. 

According to the NPS report, they even found a worker digging a tunnel inside the factory so as to bring in components that were being manufactured outside the company, but fortunately, the plan failed in the end. 

And yet, in another incident, two workers at Jabil stole 160 iPhone 6s by adjusting their inventory tracking system. And then then they tried to find the way to sell the stolen items in the black market. Fortunately, Apple discovered the sortie and managed to buy all of the devices. 

Apple often does not cooperate with the authorities to investigate these cases. Because that will attract huge attention of the media and the information about the unreleased products will possibly be revealed. 

In addition, in China, thieves who are committed to stealing iPhone components are often punished according to the value of stolen property only, rather than the value of intellectual property. In other words, the law is not a strong deterrent to prevent this kind of crime from continuing. 

It seems that Apple's New Product Security team has not really been effective up to now as the details of the iPhone 5C are still leaking out. Although this brand has not been officially released yet, users have almost learned the whole new design and the features of the product. 

By: Chris Stewart

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