AI helps warn natural disasters and diagnose cancer early

AI can handle challenges in the areas of health, disaster forecasting, environmental protection, agriculture or cultural preservation.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered life with a variety of applications, which can help to diagnose cancer early, predict flood, protect the rainforest, improve plastic waste management, support deaf/hearing impaired people, and detect pests on plants. The groundbreaking research on artificial intelligence was announced at the Solve with AI event hosted by Google in Tokyo, Japan on July 10.

AI helps warn floods


One of the projects that take advantage of that highly influential AI capability is the Google Flood Forecasting Initiative led by Sella Nevo, providing flood forecasting and alerts with high accuracy at developing countries. Floods affect 250 million people worldwide every year, destroying many properties and causing billions of dollars in damage. However, most of their harms are also preventable. Early warning systems can prevent more than one-third of deaths and economic losses.

AI helps diagnose lung cancer and breast cancer


One area that is making great strides in the application of AI is Health. Google Health product manager Ms. Lily Peng made an impressive presentation at the Solve with AI event about the possibility of applying AI in screening and classification of diabetic retinopathy and detecting lung cancer and breast cancer. Lily Peng's research on diabetic retinopathy has been applied at Aravind ophthalmic hospital (Madurai, India) for positive results, helping doctors save time sorting and increase the number of refinements.

Meanwhile, lung cancer causes the most deaths in all types of cancer, accounting for 3% of the annual death rate worldwide. Early diagnosis can be helpful for treatment but more than 80% of lung cancer cases are not detected early. A machine model to analyze and predict malignant lung tumors. This AI application helps detect 5% more early cases of cancer.

Similarly, for breast cancer, doctors now have to sample the tissue of lymph nodes of breast cancer patients to see if cancer has spread, which could be like finding a needle in a mow. AI scientists using a Machine Learning model to detect lesions in pathological images, support doctors to detect cancer metastasis. The Google Health model was able to find 95% of pre-cancerous lesions (compared to 73% detected by pathologists), but it also found more false positive alerts compared to doctors.

AI translates voice into text


Live Transcribe application is also proof for AI to help solve human and social problems. It helps to transcribe voices and sounds directly to text, support 70 languages with high accuracy so that deaf or hard of hearing-impaired people can engage in communication in life. Besides, Project Euphonia, the project of applying AI to improve products for people who are difficult to read due to the effects of diseases such as Parkinson and ALS.

AI helps deal with biological and environmental issues

AI is not only useful for people and society but also a tool to help preserve the culture and protect the natural environment. The artificial intelligence applications of Google AI scientists also include the project to protect rainforest in Indonesia, protect rare animals through cooperation with NOAA in the program of tracking humpback whales, management of plastic waste in Indonesia, or detection of pests and diseases applied in India. These are big steps that have been bringing positive impacts, promoting greater breakthroughs.

By: Abigail Harris

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