8 worthwhile upgrades on new 10.2-inch iPad

Apple usually focuses on iPhones and Apple Watch during the September event, but this year, the company brought to the new 7th generation iPad.


The tablet's internal hardware hasn't changed much, but Apple has added many features to make the product more appealing.

A bigger display screen


Apple has kept the screen of the cheap iPad at 9.7 inches for a long time, but recently, the company has announced that the Retina screen will increase in size to 10.2 inches with nearly 3.5 million. pixels. It may not sound like a big difference (0.5 inches), but you'll see the advantage of a bigger screen when drawing or writing on it.

Working with Apple's full Smart Keyboard


Now you can use Apple's detachable Smart Keyboard with the new cheap 10.2-inch iPad. Previously, you had to rely on third-party products. Especially with iPadOS 13, it will help you use it easier when doing some work on iPad to replace the laptop.

A powerful processor chip


Apple equips the new 10.2-inch iPad with the A10 Fusion processor, which is quite powerful for an inexpensive iPad. The company's sixth-generation tablets also use this chip and that's enough to power most applications today. Apple says the A10 Fusion chip delivers two times faster performance than the best-selling Windows PC4 and gives users the powerful, smooth multitasking capability on iPad 2019 in Apple Arcade.

Price remains the same

Over the past few years, Apple has sold its cheap 32GB iPad for just $ 329. Interestingly, the new 2019 iPad model will continue to keep this price. If you are a student, Apple also offers a discount, $ 30 more for the product. The LTE version of the 10.2-inch iPad starts at $ 459.

Supporting new iPadOS 13


iPadOS 13 is not limited to the new iPad, but it helps turn this iPad into a more MacBook-like device. The improvements over the old iOS are very noticeable. Now you have a new, improved multi-tasking home screen interface, and you can manage files more efficiently.

Supporting Apple Pencil (the first generation)


This is really not surprising since every recent iPad supports at least one Apple Pencil model. Unfortunately, the new 10.2-inch iPad is only compatible with Apple's first-generation stylus. Therefore, you still have to use the charging feature via the Lightning port of the Apple Pencil.

Getting Apple TV + for one year when you buy the product

One of Apple's great announcements is that they will offer one year of Apple TV + service to anyone who buys a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. This deal will, of course, apply to this newly launched 10.2-inch iPad model.

Made from 100% recycled aluminum

Apple prides itself on its commitment to the environment, and it continues to announce the new 10.2-inch iPad will have a case made entirely from recycled metal.

By: Emily Garcia

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