8 useful tips for iPad

Understanding the following tips will help you save your time and increase productivity when working on an iPad.

These tips are compatible with iPad Pro, iPad 9.7 inches, iPad Air, iPad mini and other Apple tablet models running iOS 12.


1. Move multiple applications at once


To move multiple applications at once, press any application on the screen until you see everything start to shake slightly. Next, gently drag an application until it loses the "x" mark, then use the other fingers to select additional applications to move.

2. Select multiple items at once

Starting with iOS 12, users can select multiple items (images, documents, ...) at the same time by touching and holding the first item until a small popup appears, then you just need to select more items and perform regular drag and drop operations.

3. Split the screen


Screen split feature allows you to track multiple contents at the same time, easily compare everything on the same screen without having to switch back and forth.

Firstly, hold a link and drag it to the sides of the screen to open it in Split view mode, or touch and hold a link, then select to open in Spilt view mode via the pop-up menu. Note, the screen split feature is only available when you are using the iPad in landscape mode. If you're using a wireless keyboard, press Command + N to open the second tab in Spilt view mode.

4. Make the screen dimmer

If you still feel dazzled when you reduce the screen brightness to the below normal threshold, you can take advantage of the low-light filter combined with the zoom feature to make the screen dimmer. To do so, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce White Point, then move the slider to the left to reduce the intensity of light color.

5. Turn the keyboard into a trackpad


Specifically, when placing two fingers anywhere on the keyboard, you can perform the operations as you are using on the trackpad. This feature also works on an iPhone without 3D Touch.

6. Import data faster with Key Flicks


First, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Key Flicks. From now on, simply swipe down the on-screen keys to enter numbers, symbols and punctuation marks on the iPad.

7. Take advantage of USB-C


If you are using an iPad Pro, you can connect a variety of accessories such as screen, keyboard, storage device, etc. In addition, you can quickly charge Apple Watch via iPad Pro with USB-C.

8. Restart without the Home button

To restart the iPad faster, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch, then select Customize Top Level Menu and add the Restart button. The use of a virtual Home button is quite convenient in case the physical Home button is damaged.

By: Kelly Jonas

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