8 inventions changing the world of Americans

Thanks to technologies, our life today is very different from the previous century. Here are the American inventions that have changed people's lives.

Lunar module


The United States was the first country to bring people to the Moon, so it was also the first country to own the Lunar module. In 1969, exactly 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on an object outside of Earth.

When the spacecraft arrived at the Moon's orbit, a smaller module separated from the mother spacecraft helped astronauts land safely on the surface of the object. New York engineer Thomas Kelley was the father of this creation, with a team of 7,000 engineers and technicians working together behind his back.



In 1947, Bell Labs created the world's first semiconductor device with the size of an iPod music player. Without transistors and semiconductor devices, today's electronic devices will not be created. Therefore, in a way, Bell Labs’ engineers can also be called the father of all technology devices.

Traffic lights


Perhaps none of us like the feeling of waiting for a red light, but this is a valuable invention and contributes to changing traffic around the world. This is an American invention created in 1912, helping to reduce traffic accidents as well as traffic congestion.



Microwave is a device that is present in most of the kitchen corners of households. However, this is an invention not used for the kitchen from the beginning it was created. In 1945, engineer Percy Spencer created a radar emitter for Raytheon company, to help the radar become more sensitive across different wavelengths. Eventually, he accidentally realized that the chocolate was deformed and melted when placed inside something that we would later call microwave.



The laser is often used most at concerts or entertainment events. Imagine how boring these outdoor activities are without the appearance of colorful light rays. The first laser was created by Theodore H. Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratory in Malibu, California in 1960. In addition to entertainment purposes, lasers are also used for other industries such as health,  astronomy, engineering, and mechanics.



Clearly, email has replaced the way we exchange long-distance information and is the basic foundation for today's instant messaging services. This invention was created in 1971 by programmer Ray Tomlinson of the US Department of Defense to help agency staff have a tool to exchange messages through a linked network.



Created by the US Department of Defense in 1973 and civilized in 1993, GPS is now an essential tool for military, defense, scientific research, and domestic security operations. On the civil side, clearly, a tool to help you determine your position is a very important and necessary invention.

3D printing technology


3D printing is an emerging trend and will also dominate long-term in most industries from engineering to manufacturing. Invented by Chuck Hull - founder of 3D Systems, this technology have changed the way we live. Currently, 3D printing technology has been widely applied to create materials quickly and compactly in industries such as health, mechanics, and construction.

By: Emily Garcia

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