8 household items that slow down wifi waves

Most of the reasons why your home network is slowed down are because of the seemingly harmless items in your family.

1. Metal surfaces


One of the enemies of the wifi network is metal. Metal is a conductor and can absorb electricity. Wifi emits electromagnetic waves so any metal or metal furniture will prevent it from spreading out. If you want to keep your internet connection going smoothly, you should put the router away from metal objects.

2. Wall


Some types of walls made of bricks, cement, concrete, plaster, and marble have the disadvantage of blocking wifi waves. This explains why when we live in a multi-story house, we often find it harder to connect to the Internet. To fix this, place the router in an open area and away from the walls.

3. Mirror


It may sound strange but this harmless item acts as a shield to make the wifi network much weaker. If the mirror is placed near the router, it may cause the signal to be flickering, and unstable.

4. Refrigerator and washing machine


In principle, electrical devices with plumbing often do not like to "play" with wifi signals. Water can retain some of the energy from wireless waves, negatively affecting the quality of the internet.

5. Flashing lights


Flashing lights used to decorate every special occasion also cause weak network conditions. In fact, sparkling chips creating magnetic fields can interact with the wifi band to cause interference. Thus, let the router stay away from these lights.

6. Baby crying detector or wireless phone


This convenient device transmits and receives signals in the 2.4GHz band like wifi (some operate at lower frequencies). When two devices are close together and operating in the same band will lead to overlap, like a road with two cars racing together. Therefore, any family with small children, set the alarm to cry away from the router.

7. Flycam


Similar to the baby crying detector, Flycam also operates in the 2.4 GHz band, but not all models generate interference waves. It depends on the amount of power each type needs to operate.

8. Microwave oven


Like the two devices above, microwave ovens also have a wide frequency spectrum similar to wifi. Set the router higher than the microwave, which will significantly reduce the negative effect that the microwave causes.


How to improve the internet connection at home:

1. Select the appropriate location to hang the router

2. Regularly update the firmware for the router

3. Replace the antenna for the router

4. Encrypt wifi and set a strong, unpredictable password

5. Equipped with Repeater device – a device to increase signal

6. Use the best and most powerful router

7. It is recommended to use a dual-band router that can operate simultaneously on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz

8. Select a good channel in the Router settings from the web, update and check it regularly

By: Scarlet Johnson

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