7 useful devices that make your house smarter

Virtual assistants, smart lights and robot butlers are electronic devices that help the house become smarter.

1. Smart speaker integrated the virtual assistant


This is one of the devices that many people think of first and is considered indispensable when referring to a smart home. Smart speakers are also an arena where many technology companies compete because each name is developing its own virtual assistant system. Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, Google has Assistant, Amazon has Alexa and recently Samsung has Bixby. These devices can support the control of many other smart tasks or devices, as well as providing much necessary information such as weather, traffic, and order.

2. Smart lighting system


The smart lighting system helps illuminate the house without turning it on and off in a complicated way. The smart device will turn on or turn off the lights when the user moves. With lights installed in the garden, they are also installed to turn on at 7 pm and turn off after 10 pm. If the user is indoors and forgets to turn off the lights in the yard, there is no need to worry.

3. Robot butler


The most breakthrough thing in LG's smart home is Hub Robot housekeeper, Hub Robot is connected to the indoor equipment and can execute the owner's commands such as turning on the air conditioner, turning on the washing machine or starting up the vacuum cleaner through voice recognition.

This "housekeeper" also possesses a variety of other utility functions such as music, alarm, traffic or weather status notification. In addition, this robot can move and rotate, or express a lot of interesting emotional states through the front screen with two bright blue eyes and can identify faces of each family member by using the camera to make appropriate greetings.

4. Pet care equipment


This device is equipped with a camera that fits your dog well. It captures all the dog's activities within the camera's range with quality images. In addition, some devices also have microphones and speakers sound, so users can then talk to their pets whether they are working or traveling away.

Train your pet to know how to use this device because it can be a server to replace the owner. Before going out, put some food in the device, after going out, users can activate the feeding mode when controlling the device via smartphone. The application works through smartphone-specific apps on both iOS and Android.

5. Timer socket or remote control socket


With automatic on/off mechanism according to the preset schedule or by remote control via other devices. Users can master all electrical appliances in the home even when they are not operating according to their wishes.

6. Smart doorbell


Wi-Fi camera doorbell has an anti-theft alarm, motion detection, fake alarm, night vision. Users can connect 8 doorbells and 8 mobile devices to work at the same time. This smart doorbell allows users to watch videos, listen and talk to visitors from iOS or Android mobile devices that connect to wifi or 3G/4G mobile data anywhere in the world. In addition, whenever someone presses the doorbell, users can just see through the phone screen to know who is outside. This also contributed to reducing the risk of robbery.

7. Lost track device


Lossing or forgetting belongings, especially small items that often carry around are very frequent. Users should be equipped with a lost track, which can be attached to items that users consider easy to lose, such as keys, wallets, and pockets. The products on this device are quite diverse in design, size, and convenience at a price of only a few dozen dollars. When items are lost, users can use the phone to determine the range of locations, as well as making them sound for easy search.

By: Olivia Swift

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