7 things that Android users are still envious of iOS users

Every operating system has its pros and cons, however, Android phone users will definitely envy OS users about the following 7 things.

The smoothness


Talk to an Android user who has converted from iOS and you may find that they will often comment that: iOS gives the overall experience smoother. Apple is simply paying attention to every detail that the company brings into its system - for example, text bubbles in iMessage.

A seamless experience with other Apple devices

When talking about the entire Apple ecosystem, you won't find it strange that every device in the company's product line is extremely well integrated. That is really something that the Android ecosystem has not been or forever cannot be.


If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch for daily use, features such as Continuity and HomeKit will be extremely helpful. Therefore, when you own many Apple devices, you will know exactly how great this ecosystem is.

Sync update


Google created Android software as fast as Apple created iOS, but there are many manufacturers that make Android devices always slow in upgrading software. With iOS, Apple only created this OS for iPhone (iPad now has iPadOS). Therefore, it easily focuses on quickly synchronizing software updates on all devices locally. This is evident that every time Apple announces the release of any iOS update, iPhone users can immediately upgrade without waiting.



If you have most friends who use iOS, you can communicate with each other via iMessage very easily with the characteristic blue text bubbles. Many people assume that it is more like an internet messaging application like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger than SMS. When you switch to Android, you'll notice the difference. iMessage is not only encoded and better for sending images, but it also works much smoother than SMS or MMS.

High-quality app store

When the App Store was first released, it was really the first application platform of the time. More than a decade later, the App Store's main competitor, Google Play Store, has caught up with the general user experience but there are still some key differences.


Although there may be fewer types of apps on the App Store, apps on the iOS platform are often of higher quality. That's because it undergoes a much more rigorous evaluation process. Not only that, many entrepreneurs and developers choose to release apps on iOS before bringing them to Android.

Privacy policy


Apple may start creating iOS with a focus not on privacy, but they have certainly changed that mindset over the years. The company gradually created a secure operating system and had more security policies than many other competitors. This same thing cannot appear with Android and Google.

Stability and performance


iOS is an extremely stable platform, especially with Apple's latest software updates. It is also designed to work extremely well with Apple's hardware, meaning that the overall performance is better than Android if it comes to product life.

By: Grace White

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