7 Android Q’s features that make you love its official version

The features added by Google in recent Android Q beta updates have made many people look forward to the official version.

Android Q was launched in May last year and now has 5 different beta versions and is expected to have one more beta before being officially released. Through previous beta updates, we can see interesting changes that Google is expected to bring on Android Q beyond what the company introduced at the Google I/O event.

Bubble mode

Those who have used Facebook Messenger's Chat Heads feature probably won't be new to the new bubble mode on Android Q. With the same operation model, the chat bubble will pop up and display on the screen even if you access to any app. However, Google will pay attention to developers to control the number of applications that are compatible with this feature, to avoid annoying users.


In the image, it is a bubble feature combined with the call function. When you click on the bubble, there are two options shown below that hide or end the call.

Sharing Wi-Fi more easily with QR codes


In the near future, sharing Wi-Fi will become easier on Android Q. Google has added a new feature that allows you to create a QR code for your shared Wi-Fi network to log in more quickly. To use this function, simply navigate to the Wi-Fi settings section and choose to share with the QR code.

Undoing deleted applications


Have you ever accidentally deleted an application from the main screen while busy, and then can't remember where it used to be? With Android Q, you will have a few more seconds of regret after deleting an application to perform the process of undoing the application back to where it was before. When an application has been deleted, a message will appear below the screen for you to touch and undo.

Adjusting how notifications work


On Android Q, you just need to press and hold on an application to allow this application to pronounce Notifications or Silent. With the Notification option, the application will be allowed to play a sound whenever new information is available, and with Silent, the application will only vibrate. Technologists evaluate this is a small but important feature that brings convenience to users.

Live Caption feature


The Live Caption feature that Google developed allows subtitles to translate any video that is being streamed so that users can track content without the language barrier. Although it has not yet completed on Android Q beta 5, it will be great if we can enjoy this feature.

Customizing many privacy settings


Previous versions of Android operating systems did not allow users to see which applications currently have access to any data on the device. On Android Q, users have been able to do this to help them use devices that can revoke some of the permissions of unneeded applications. It only takes a few minutes to check and reassign the permissions that the application can perform.

Controlling the information related to the user's location

After updating Android Q, you can grant the application access to your location at all times or select different times. There will be an option to license the application to access location information only when you are using this application. That will ensure both privacy and battery savings.

By: Jonath Martin

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