6 unique technologies at Viva Technology 2019

Viva Technology is one of Europe's largest technology trade shows. This event is held in Paris for the fourth time.

Viva Technology is one of Europe's largest technology trade shows. This event is held in Paris for the fourth time. According to CNBC, this year's event welcomed many new and strange technologies from robotic assistants to flying taxis. Here are the six most unique technology items at Viva Technology in 2019. 

Robot assistant 

One of the robot assistants appears at Viva Technology 

Hardly any recent technology exhibition is without a few robots. Viva Technology is one of such exhibitions. When the attendees arrived at the event venue, Porte de Versaille- the robot assistant will greet them. The robot seems to be able to detect when a person walks near or passes through it. Visitors interact with the robot via the touch screen to know the way in the event. 

Virtual reality drone 

A drone developed by Vinci Energies 

Unmanned aircraft (Drone) also appear at the event. Some drones made by Vinci Energies in France are equipped with cameras that everyone can see through virtual reality glasses (VR). 

Flying taxi 

Hovertaxi's flying taxi 

Flying taxis are increasingly prominent, not only because big firms like Uber are determined to develop it. At Viva Technology, German firm Lilium unveiled the prototype of an electric-powered flying taxi, designed to bring passengers into the sky in the future. Another model of a flying taxi made by French firm Hovertaxi looks equally impressive. 

Robot air purifier 

Diya One X 

This robot moves around the event area, designed to clean and protect the environment. It's called Diya One X, filtering the air when walking around the house. Not only that, but it also has the ability to avoid hitting visitors. Diya One X is developed by French Partnering Robotics startup. The brand’s CEO, Mr. Ramesh Caussy, said the device also collects data to give an indication of air quality, humidity, and light in the house. 

Robot Pepper 

Robot Pepper 

Pepper is a humanoid robot developed by Japan firm Softbank with a chest-mounted screen. Robot Pepper has the ability to chat with attendees, recognize many of the basic emotions of people and appear to support people in a variety of environments, such as in retail and health care. 


Batmobile car 

This year's event also has a rather strange car named Batmobile. At first, it seems a bit lonely at the technology exhibition that focuses on innovation, but it is a car put into the booth by AT&T of the United States. Recently, AT&T has acquired Time Warner, which owns the copyright with DC Comics characters such as Batman. 

By: Gitta Russell

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