5 unique technology ideas at IFA 2019

Technology making life better is the goal of many creators who participated in IFA 2019 in Berlin (Germany).

1. Qoobo robotic cat

This robot is quite unique when it looks like a normal hug pillow but has a tail. When touching the robot, it will move like a cat. When stroked, Qoobo gently react. When rubbed, it swayed mischievously. When people don't touch it for hours, it will automatically wave its tail as if to say hello.


Yukai Engineering manufactures this robot in the hope that it will be a great toy for people who live in small apartments and cannot keep pets. Qoobo is priced at $ 149, sold both inside and outside Japan. In Japan, most Qoobo buyers are women.

2. Music-X Series smart audio sunglasses

Music-X Series sunglasses look almost like Google Glass but do not have a camera and screen. In addition, its price is also much cheaper, at $ 129/unit. Music-X, similar to Gentle Monster and Bose Frames Alto, can play music via Bluetooth 5.0.


Music-X has a small 1W speaker arranged near the ear of the wearer, using the algorithm to enhance bass. The glasses can play music, but there is also a mic for making calls and chatting with Siri or Google Assistant. Additionally, Music-X has an IP5-certified UV400 polarizer, is completely waterproof and has a built-in 2,200mAh battery with an impressive extended use time of 8 hours.

3. Smartphone Pro1 with QWERTY keyboard

Fans of BlackBerry phones will surely enjoy this smartphone. Company F (x) tec has launched the Pro1 smartphone for $ 699, running on Android, being thinner than usual and is built with a QWERTY keyboard.


Pro1 has a 6-inch Full HD + AMOLED screen, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. This is an impressive phone but the user has almost only one reason to buy it, which is an impressive keyboard. The keyboard is integrated into the phone with a good hinge mechanism, allowing it to slide smoothly.

4. DFree toilet timing predicting device 

This is a device that takes on the challenge of supporting the elderly while ensuring their dignity and autonomy in many societies with an aging population like Japan. This product, manufactured by Triple W, costs $ 445.


This is a product for the elderly. It has an ultrasonic sensor placed on the bladder to detect its size. When the bladder reaches a certain size, users will receive a notification on their smartphone saying that it is time to go to the toilet. Currently, DFree is used by about 2,000 customers in Japan.

5. Mui Lab smart home control 

Mui Lab, based in Kyoto (Japan), has just created a tranquil device that is a piece of wood connected to the cloud. "This is real wood, connected to smart locks and smart fireplaces. It tells you the weather, the time and lets you play music," Akikio Moriguchi at Mui Lab said.


This device is completely customizable, depending on which device users have in their smart home. It aims to replace smartphones at home. It's the opposite of a smartphone because it only displays information when users touch it.

By: Gitta Russell

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