5 things that users expect from wireless earbuds

Thanks to its convenience and fashion, wireless earbuds are now a technology accessory that is no stranger to music lovers.

The more popular are earbuds, the more expectations of this device are and then the publishers will definitely listen to improvements for future generations.

1. Longer battery

With significant advances in chip technology from Qualcomm manufacturers or other brands, any wireless headset should take the benchmark of Apple's AirPods in terms of usage time. Apples with apples right on the launch date confirmed that the product gives up to 5 hours of usage time after each charge. In fact, at the present time, the 5-hour number is just the average milestone because many Bluetooth headsets also have twice the battery life of AirPods.


If you intend to buy a wireless headset but the battery life is less than 5 hours, you should find a new product. In many cases, a short period of time means that manufacturers can use old chip technology that could lead to poor connectivity, sound quality, and functionality.

2. Ergonomics design


While AirPod has stripped the cord and replaced it with Bluetooth instead, it is thought that wireless headphones still need silicon ear pads for two reasons. One is that they will help you feel fit and comfortable. Second, they help prevent unwanted noises from the outside, meaning you can enjoy better music quality. For those who are active, such as exercise, gym or jogging, silicon earpads or similar designs will ensure the headphones remain in place. Users will not want expensive wireless headsets to fall off their ears while working or cycling.

3. Water-resistant feature

Even if you don't plan to bring the earbuds to the gym, you should definitely wear a wireless headset with the water-resistant feature. However, even the latest generation AirPods continue to ignore this important feature. If you've spent a significant amount of money on wireless headphones, you'll want to be able to clean it with a wet cloth when it's dirty and there's no need to worry about bringing it out in the harsh weather.


4. A function key on the headset

When you use it every day, you will see headphones with something that you want to improve. For example, listening to a good song or piece of music that you have to take out your phone to playback. Wireless headphones are usually small in size and have some adjustments that can help your ears to comfortably put them on. The smooth surface certainly makes the headphones look sleeker, but that also means you can accidentally change, play or pause the song or call the voice assistant when you're just trying to adjust the device to fit your ears. Instead, the manufacturer may aim to equip the physical control keys, preferably including playback/pause, voice assistant, volume control right on the earbuds.


5. Own App

Surely you will want your wireless headset has a separate app to choose from a variety of features rather than from a smartphone. Some good features include the ability to find lost headphones, adjust the audio frequency set to match your musical preferences or the environment awareness mode.

By: Jonath Martin

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