5 reasons to limit posting your kids’ photos on Facebook

You may be familiar with the images of kids appearing on social networks, but no one knows that posting photos of young children on social networks has potential risks.

Posting photos of kids on social networks may violate your child's privacy


Although young children cannot give any thoughts or opinions about their photos that their parents post on social networks. However, that will become a problem for children when they grow up. According to Common Sense Media, when children are 5 years old, they begin to develop a sense of self and individual and pay more attention to how the world perceives them. Privacy now becomes much more important. They may start to feel ashamed when their parents post their photos on social media without first asking for opinions, especially sensitive photos taken in childhood. The fact that indifferent parents upload photos of children can make them feel helpless, not valuable when shared by relatives that they do not have the right to speak up.

Postings about children on Facebook will become the basis for bullying

Very few people care about how people react to their children's photos on Facebook or other social networks. That is really harmful when many people can use those photos to make insults and even bully your children when they grow up. It does not stop at acquaintances but is more dangerous than those who are anonymous on the Internet. They will take advantage of the information and images they have to threaten or bully your children on social networks.

Photographs of kids will adversely affect their future

A picture of a child's bad or ugly expression if shared after they grow up and gain a high status in society, it will be a disaster. You can post children pictures on social networks and delete them anytime, but who knows if bad people are willing to take that picture and ruin your child's reputation when they grow up?  Sometimes, employers will see these photos of the candidates to detect their defects and many other problems. Obviously boasting children too naturally on social networks is not good at all.

Sharing pictures of kids on social networks is like guiding the kidnappers in the digital age

You may not have heard the concept of kidnapping in the digital age but it is a very dangerous type of identity theft. This happens when someone takes a photo or takes your baby's photo on social networks and then takes advantage of that image for bad purposes.


Your child may be assigned a new name and there are other fake parents. There are many cases of kidnapping like this that have happened far away. For example, in 2015, a stranger took a picture of an 18-month-old boy from a mother's Facebook page and posted it on her personal Facebook page and recorded this as her son.

Posts sharing kid’s photos on social networks will attract dangerous people


Images and videos of kids when shared online will be easily used for the purpose of pornography and the potential to be kidnapped. Postings child’s photos on social networks, even turning on the location where children are learning or playing will become a lucrative bait for bad guys who have the plot to kidnap or lust for children.


In brief, children are part of society so they have the right to appear on social networks. However, parents need to ask themselves to know when to post photos of their children and which ones to choose and learn how to listen to their children.

By: Jonath Martin

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