5 rare failures in Apple business history

Owning a long history of development compared to other technology brands, Apple had stumbled before being successful with the iPhone.

With the launch of the iPhone line and the opening of a brilliant smartphone era that has been in development for over a decade, Apple has become one of the strongest enterprises in the world. However, nothing is perfect, Apples also had times to experience failure with some products in the past.

iPod Nano Gen 3

Before the iPhone was launched, the iPod was Apple's strategy card with massive sales. The first iPod was launched in 2001, and it was considered a step in revolutionizing the music world. By 2005, Apple unveiled iPod Nano Gen 1 - an affordable mp3 player and received a lot of enthusiastic reception from customers.


However, to the generation of iPod Nano Gen 3, Apple's product development team created a heavier version. The screen of iPod Nano Gen 3 was also commented to be easy to scratch and leave fingerprints. In September 2008, Apple returned to the old design style on iPod Nano Gen 4.

Apple Newton


Before the creation of the iPhone and iPad, Apple launched a handheld computer called the Apple Newton MessagePad in 1992. At that time, it was a product that embraced technological leaps like a stylus pen, the software to recognize handwriting and compact size to fit the user's pocket. Unfortunately, the device did not work as expected and the project was canceled in 1998, but the experience and technologies were continued to improve and contribute to the development of iPhone/iPad today.

Macintosh TV


In the 1990s, to find a new computer business, Apple decided to release a TV version of a Macintosh computer. The company decided to use a luxury black and design style in a modern, beautiful way to attract users. Unfortunately, Macintosh TV was much more expensive than regular TVs on the market and hard to compete, so the product was discontinued in February 1994 after four months of release.

Pippin console


In 1996, Apple joined hands with Bandai (in Japan) to launch Pippin - a dedicated console running Mac OS and using CD-ROM. The product was considered to have breakthrough technology with trackball controller and wireless connectivity using an infrared port. Pippin's sales at the end of its product life were 42,000 units and were discontinued after a few years since its release. The reason was that the games that came with Pippin were less attractive and its price (600 USD) was much higher than the competitors like Sony's PlayStation (300 USD).

Power Mac G4 Cube

Power Mac G4 Cube is Apple's modern desktop computer, the whole device is wrapped in luxurious transparent acrylic glass. The product is integrated with the speaker and has a convection cooling system to keep the machine temperature stable during operation.


Owning a beautiful design, but the lack of connection port and the price is too high, so the Power Mac G4 Cube was accepted by few customers. As a result, the product was stopped production after only one year of launching.

By: Grace White

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