5 ideal water-resistant technology devices for swimming

Portable speaker, headset or camera with waterproof features is a helpful thing that users need to bring when swimming this summer. 

The most popular form of play during the hot season is probably swimming. Going to the pool or the beach is a way to reduce the heat of outdoor. However, these locations are quite picky about the things that you bring, especially technological devices. Here are some water-resistant technology devices for you to comfortably use when entering the water. 

Portable waterproof speaker 


This is an indispensable device if you and your friends are hiding in the pool, the sea or especially during the Pool Party sessions that ignore the heat. This speaker will make the outing more exciting and fun. Users can refer to two fairly typical speakers of good water resistance, good sound, and long battery, which are UE Roll 2 and JBL Flip 4. 

Waterproof headphone 


If you don't go with friends but still want to relax in cool water, just listen to your favorite songs and don't want to disturb people around, you should have a waterproof headset. Some waterproof headphones can be used as Sony MDR-XB9-BS, Bose Sound sport Free, NuForce BE Lite 3, etc. 

Water-resistant smartphone 


Currently, on the market, there are many smartphone devices equipped with waterproof features so users will have many choices when buying this device. Many people, however, can arrange the time to go swimming to reduce the heat, but the work is still busy and requires contact maintenance, a smartphone will be an important device to be brought with you. Some water-resistant smartphones can be referred to as Samsung Galaxy S10, iPhone XR, Xs Max, and BlackBerry Motion. 

Water-resistant camera 


Pictures of fun shots or artistic diving scenes are also an interesting thing to do if you equip yourself with a water-resistant camera. The cameras that are water resistant are mostly cruise cameras. Users can capture or rewind fun moments with cool water. It’s to kill two birds with a stone when you have just escaped the dazzling sun and just got photos or videos to live virtually. GoPro HERO Session, Garin Virb XE, Sony HDR-AS200VR are a few names that can be referenced. 

Water-resistant health monitoring bracelet 


If your swimming purpose is not just to escape from the sun, but you also want to exercise, the health watch bracelet is the item to bring. This bracelet will help users track the swimming process or the process of moving, exercising sports this summer. Some smart bracelets that you can refer to such as Xiaomi Miband 2, Misfit Flash, and Fitbit Flex 2. 

By: Gitta Russell

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