5 best GIF Apps for iOS on iPhone and iPad

Here are some of the best apps to create GIFs for iOS devices that you should not miss.

1. Morphin

Artificial intelligence (AI) can do some wonderful things, including creating fake photos that look real. Morphin is another example of that, it can take your face or anyone else's and add it to a GIF you want.


The application first requires you to take a portrait photo so that it can identify your face. Then, you choose from the existing GIF collection, including movies, music videos, celebrities, and it will take a few minutes to complete the new GIFs, in which the app will entertain you with a few questions about what you have just chosen.

You can take multiple photos of yourself and your friends to add it to the Faces folder. However, you must select the face before choosing GIFs. The same Faces Gallery also has famous faces in it, in case you want to see how Keanu Reeves will look like Iron Man.

2. Giphy Cam


Giphy Cam is one of the leading applications for creating GIF images, it allows you to record videos and automatically turn them into GIFs. You can create short or long GIFs as you like. Besides, you can add multiple stickers or resize, as well as filters for GIF images to become more beautiful. You can also add text to GIFs and create GIFs like your custom meme.

3. Gfycat Loops

Like Giphy Cam, Gfycat Loops also has a dedicated application to record videos and turn them into GIFs without doing anything else. However, the application has an additional feature that helps you record the screen.


You can record everything that is happening on your screen using the Gfycat Loops application, which is automatically converted to GIF. GIF can be cut to length, cut to size and you can add text and sticker. You will see the Gfycat recording icon on the top right corner of the GIF but you can cut it if you want.

4. GIFRun


Some many websites and applications can convert YouTube videos into small GIFs. GIFRun is still special for the great speed and convenience that it brings. This application includes a YouTube search engine and is very fast in creating GIFs. You can search and select YouTube videos from within the GIFRun, so there are no URLs or any other steps. The video will start playing and you can choose the start time as well as the length of the GIF. You can even add text to GIF, keep it under five seconds if you want GIF less than 5 MB.

5. Gifless


Gifless combines two new favorite modes of the internet into one, allowing you to create a GIF image including emoticons. In each line, you can add words or emoticons. It's easier on mobile devices because keyboards have emoticons but there are also online websites to copy and paste them. You can even add different colors as a background for different frames, to make them more prominent. When you're done, download the GIF and finally save it to your hard drive.

By: Olivia Swift

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