4 types of apps you should remove immediately from your phone

Not all apps on Google Play or the App Store are really useful, indeed, many mobile apps exist just to attack your device or steal your personal information.

The habit of installing miscellaneous apps is one of the leading causes of a slow phone running. Here are some types of applications that should not be installed on phones:

1. Flashlight apps

There is no reason to install such applications when your phone already has an LED flash. Most flashlight apps contain lots of ads that don't offer anything useful compared to the apps available on the phone.


When you try searching for flashlight apps on Google Play, you will see a lot of flashlight apps with millions of downloads. Most of them show ads and require access to contacts and use location, which is completely unreasonable. Of course, developers can use this data and resell it to advertisers to make more money.

Instead of installing third-party flashlight apps, users simply swipe from top to bottom to open the control panel, then touch the flashlight icon to turn it on. For iOS devices, open the Control Center and touch the flashlight icon.

2. Keyboard apps

The default keyboard on Android and iOS often does not have many features such as automatic correction of spelling, word prediction, etc. That's why many people often install additional third-party keyboard apps such as Laban Key and Gboard.

However, these applications can greatly affect your privacy, because they can record everything you enter, including passwords, personal messages, and financial information and send to the developer's server.


According to a report by ZDNet, the SwiftKey keyboard application (owned by Microsoft) also previously leaked user privacy data through the error correction feature. Luckily, iOS doesn't allow third-party keyboards to access the Internet unless the user has Full access enabled. However, if users do this (or if they are using Android), they should be careful when granting permissions.

3. Free games

Most of the games available on the phone are free, users just need to create an account and start playing without spending anything. However, these games often cram a lot of ads, requiring access to contacts, locations, cameras and more sensitive permissions when users install them.


According to the New York Times, hundreds of games on Google Play and the App Store contain Alphonso. This tool is used by the advertiser to access the phone microphone, then eavesdrop on the sound emitted from the TV program users are watching, from which to display the corresponding ads.

4. Antivirus apps

Antivirus applications are essentially useless because of Apple's built-in protection measures, and they are also incapable of connecting to the operating system. On Android, users really don't need an antivirus app unless the device is rooted, or users often download apps outside of Google Play.


Anti-virus applications often collect a lot of data on devices and browsers. That's why users should uninstall them to save system resources, regain storage space, and stop allowing antivirus companies to collect their data.

By: Gitta Russell

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