14 interesting facts about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Having ever abandoned Twitter to follow its own path or wanting to become a fashion designer is one of the interesting facts about the life of Twitter’s CEO - Jack Dorsey.

1. Programming when he was only 15 years old


Dorsey started programming while attending Bishop DuBourg High School in St. Louis. Louis, USA. At the age of 15, Dorsey wrote coordination software that is still used by some taxi companies.

2. A passion for rock music


When he had free time, Dorsey regularly attended Punk rock concerts. He also enjoys raising beards and wearing nose piercings.

3. Never graduated


Like many other billionaires, he never graduated from any university.

4. A massage staff in the past


It was unexpected to know that Dorsey was a licensed massage staff.

5. Getting the first job by... hacking

Jack Dorsey tried to get a job at a big company in New York. However, after waiting and not seeing the results, he found the security hole of this company. After emailing them how to "patch", only a week later, he was accepted.

6. Becoming a billionaire after only a few hours


Twitter conducted an IPO in November 2013. In just a few hours, Dorsey became a billionaire.

7. Another passion other than Twitter

A year later, Dorsey gradually reduced his participation in Twitter. He ceded the CEO position to Williams - another co-founder of this social network and moved to become President. Then Dorsey started many other new investment projects. He invested in Foursquare and launched a payment startup called Square that allows small business owners to accept credit card payments via text messages on smartphones. In 2015, he was invited to return to the position of Twitter CEO when this application was facing a crisis of user decline and plunged stocks.

8. Almost being an employee of... Mark Zuckerberg


Dorsey talked with Facebook’s CEO - Mark Zuckerberg while leaving the position of Twitter CEO. Zuckerberg at that time was considering buying this application and wanted to hire Dorsey to work. However, due to not being informed of a specific position, Dorsey decided to choose another place to work.

9. Not having an office, or even a desk at Square's headquarter

Square's CEO and President did not have a formal seat as many people think, because he only prioritized the use of iPads and freedom to travel around the company headquarters rather than sitting in a fixed position.

10. Catching a bus to work


He explained that the use of transportation is to conduct market research. In the past two years, he was also supposed to walk five miles to get to work, which usually takes about an hour. Dorsey bought a BMW 3 Series, but he rarely drove.

11. Being a fashionista in the technology village


In the early days of establishing Twitter, Dorsey also wanted to be a fashion designer. He is still known as a trendy man in the technology village. He often wears Prada and Hermes leather jackets, and also prefers Dior Homme's back-neck shirt.

12. Eating habits


Dorsey only ate one meal a day. The dishes he often uses include protein (chicken, steak or fish) with vegetables (salad, spinach, asparagus or Brussels sprouts). However, the weekend is another story. Dorsey completely fasts from Friday evening to Sunday and only drinks water during these days.

13. Loving virtual money


Dorsey is also a virtual money fan, especially Bitcoin. He praised this virtual currency "on the rise" and "very principle". Dorsey also regularly buys Bitcoin via Square.

14. His salary and current assets

According to a profile published in 2018, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey only received a salary of 1.40 USD. Before that, he did not receive any money.


In 2017, Jack holds more than 16 million Twitter shares, worth $ 557 million. According to Forbes, he also earned $ 80 million when selling his shares in Square and his current assets are $ 5.7 billion.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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