10 indispensable apps for those who like travelling to China

Big social networking sites like Facebook or Google are banned in China, but you don't need to worry because these 10 mobile apps will help you explore China.


China is the leading tourist destination for Asian and international travelers alike. Big social networking sites like Facebook or Google are banned in China, but you don't need to worry because these 10 mobile apps will help you explore China.

1. Speaking like a local with WAYGO

This is an award-winning online translation application that allows travelers to easily overcome the language barrier when exploring China. The special thing in Waygo is that this application allows users to translate menu items to street signs.


Just take your phone over Chinese characters and with the use of optical character recognition, Waygo can instantly translate them into English. In addition, Waygo also has the ability to translate offline, you don't have to connect your phone to any internet source.

2. Going around with Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing is the Chinese version of Uber. The app is available in Chinese and English, and the user interface is very similar to Uber. Like most ride-hailing apps, Didi Chuxing has a number of options ranging from Express to Luxe for you to choose from.


Since most drivers here do not speak English fluently, Didi provides an instant translation feature that allows you to type in English, and the driver will receive a message in Chinese.

3. Buying tickets to the attractions via Klook

Klook is Asia's largest ticketing platform or entertainment platform, including solo travelers. This is also where you can buy mobile WiFi equipment, airport shuttle service, museum tickets, park tickets as well as food and drink transactions.


Tickets for major attractions are regularly discounted on Klook. Queuing at the ticket counter is not necessary when you have the e-ticket sent to the email after successful payment. Klook supports multiple languages and can be paid in 30 different currencies.

4. Connecting social networks with ExpressVPN

Popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Google are not accessible via the Chinese network. However, you can circumvent this by accessing these sites via a private virtual network or VPN.


VPNs act as a secure channel to protect private web traffic from censorship. It does so by modifying your IP address. Now you can surf Facebook or post stories on Instagram when traveling to China.

5. Not needing to bring cash with WeChat Pay


China has long used electronic wallets a lot. If you travel to China, the installation of WeChat is extremely convenient. While it's primarily an instant messaging app, you can also pay for meals and shopping with the payment function of WeChat Pay. It has chat, shopping, and even allows you to split your bill with your friends.

6. Finding the way with Baidu


Google Maps doesn't work in China but don't worry, you already have Baidu. Baidu is a smart map search application with 3D options, public transport routes with accurate waiting times or traffic conditions on routes.

7. Protecting the health with Air Matters


Air pollution can peak in China, especially if you're in an urban area like Beijing. Although many people don't think much about it, breathing in polluted air is extremely harmful to health. As a result, monitoring time-based information on pollution indices from Air Matters has become a daily task for locals.

8. Becoming a metro expert with Metro China Subway


This is one of the most useful apps for getting around in public transport in China. Metro China Subway has a very simple interface, easy to understand and completely in English. You will receive a migration guide when entering the starting and ending points. The application will provide all routes that can be filtered by time or number.

9. Discovering cuisine with Da Zhong Dian Ping


If you are a food lover, Da Zhong Dian Ping is definitely for you. Dian Ping is a platform for evaluating and recommending dining places in China. On the Dian Ping app, more than 300 cities and more than 1 million stores are listed with user reviews. You can apply search filters like location, budget, and popularity.

10. Updating the latest exchange rates with XE Currency


XE Currency remains the top choice among a range of currency conversion applications. You can access live exchange rates, view historical charts and calculate prices. In addition, you can also download currencies selected for offline use.

By: Olivia Smith

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