The Beckhams to welcome new year in America

The former football star and wife took their four kids to the US, where they have a sunlit villa in California on December 29.

It’s holiday season, and everyone is enjoying it in their own way. After the Christmas holidays in a £ 5.15 million villa in the Cotswolds, England, Beckham family appeared at the airport on Saturday to welcome the New Year in the sunny land of the United States. David and Victoria Beckham have four children together – Brooklyn Beckham (18), Romeo Beckham (15), Crus Beckham (12) and little daughter Harper Beckham (6).  All members of the famous family all had a very prominent style.

Let’s check them out:

The Beckham family arrived in Miami on Dec. 29, starting their New Year holiday in the United States, temporarily away from the cold winter in Britain.

Two muscular bodyguards carried and protected the former British star’s family at the airport in Los Angeles.

David Beckham holding his lovely daughter Harper. Romeo and Cruz were both wearing backpacks and carrying their bags.

The former Manchester United midfielder was chatting with the kids while waiting for their bodyguard to get the car before going heading to his villa in Miami.

Victoria Beckham holded a small bag, leisurely walking at the airport.

The 43-year-old mother wearing a cool pair of glasses. Of course her style is always impressing, let’s not forget that the former “Spice Girl” is now a top fashion designer.

The Beckham family often goes to this sunny land to welcome the new year. This Christmas, they all decorated the house together to enjoy Christmas in London, England.

David Beckham showed up with (somehow) unhappy face, scowling at the airport. The 42-year-old star carried a pair of crutches for children. Maybe little Harper’s feet were not okay.

The caring daddy was always beside his little girl. While her parents and brothers were all wearing warm clothes, Harper looked fragile in a summer dress. And, just so you know, her little pair of shoes cost £ 235.

The stylish and fashionable Romeo looked stunning in a red jacket and red tennis bag, mixed with black jeans and impressive beret hat.

Big bother Brooklyn, who had just returned to London from New York for Christmas, also followed his parents to the United States. Brooklyn Beckham moved to the United States several months ago to study photography. The young boy has just been recognized as a true model after over 3 years of hard working by topping the “Celebrity as Model” poll, which was announced in

The former midfielder got in the car with his wife and children before getting to the villa, preparing for a sweet and warm holiday season.

By: Anna Bennett

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