Ten milestones in the relationship between Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

From the first date to the engagement - This is how the beautiful royal love story began.

“Meghan Markle” has become one of the most searched words on social media ever since her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed. This curiosity has also led us to find out 10 memorable events in their lovelife and what they have going through together.

1. How the story began

Last May, before appearing at Invictus Games, Prince Harry had stopped in Toronto to make an announcement of this sports event. Coincidentally, it was also the place where Meghan Markle was filming the series “Suits”. In the very same week, she posted a picture of a Peony bouquet which is her favorite flower on her Instagram account with a hashtag #London.

Since then, her Instagram feed was filled with pictures taken in the United Kingdom with the same hashtag, which had led fans to start thinking that something uncommon was happening.



2. The love bracelets

Although Meghan had not revealed much of her private life on social networks, a picture on Instagram the last Summer gave rise to a so-called special connection between her and Prince Harry. She  inadvertently dropped hint when posting a photo of her wearing a bracelet which perfectly matches the one sported by the Royal. It turned out that the jewelry was a gift to the actress on the Prince’s trip to Africa.


3. Meeting the future in-laws

Shortly after that, the Britain’s redheaded prince introduced Meghan to his father and to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  To Prince Harry, there came a time when he greeted his fiancée’s nearest and dearest.


4.The rumored relationship to be confirmed

As the rumors went on and on, Prince Harry has made an official confirmation. Along with the public announcement, he showed his disapproval of the press’s criticism and racial discrimination against his fiancée.


5. Meghan prepared a cosy dinner herself

On November 11th 2016, Meghan was spotted to visit Kensington castle where the Prince and the Royal family live. In the photo, she was busy carrying big bags of food heading to the castle. She must have demonstrated her culinary skills and keen affection as she prepared him dinner by herself.


6. The low-key dates

Right after his visit to Caribbean, Prince Harry secretly flew to Canada to meet Meghan. This trip was spontaneous because according to the original agenda, it was not Canada but London was the place he was going to.


7. The love necklace

While the Prince declared their relationship to the press, Meghan Markle unspokenly showed it through actions.She was to be wearing a delicately designed necklace with their name initials “H” and “M” while walking on the streets of Toronto.


8. Celebrating Christmas together

The couple had their first Christmas together in London. On December 12th, they visited Pines & Needles to buy themselves a pine tree in preparation for Christmas. As stated by the seller of the shop: “ They were such a lovely couple, laughing and teasing each other like every normal pair in love.”


9. The first public picture ever

Although the love had been confirmed, it was not until recently that they allowed their first picture on social media, in which they were talking and walking in the London Centre. In spite of mixed thoughts and reactions from the public, they were keen and serious with this relationship.


10. Official engagement photos

In late December 2017, they published a set of engagement photos and announced their wedding that is due to take place on May 19th 2018. The photos were released a day after the pair joined the Queen and the royal family for Christmas lunch at the Buckingham Palace.


By: Lily Haney

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