Lana Del Rey featured in a new song, a wonderful start to 2018

Lana Del Rey and BØRNS have just started the New Year with a duet song "God Save Our Young Blood." And BØRNS himself even admitted that the song dedicated to Lana.

Del Rey has glowed since 2011, when she released her first single “Video Games” and her debut album “Born To Die”. From that moment on, she shaped the style and content of her later songs. She would sing about love, often mournful love, in addition to the tasteless glitter, drugs and thoughts of the United States. She resisted, silently yet arrogantly, most of the expectations of the music world in 2010.

Turning back to loud, powerful electronic products, Del Rey whispered, tenderly, slowly. Her voice was always soft, prolonged, with melodious tunes and sudden ripples to push the song up to the climax instead of screaming.

This year, Lana Del Rey has contributed a new song by BØRNS, which was titled “God Save Our Young Blood”.


The dreamy single was first broadcast on January 3 on Beats 1 Radio, and was included on BØRNS’ “Blue Madonna” album, which was just released on January 12th.

“God Save Our Young Blood” seems to fit the style of Lana. With the not-too-fast tempo mixed with each breath in each sentence, this song carved the careless image of youth. The voices of BØRNS and Lana Del Rey appeared interspecifically and harmonized perfectly. When the male singer recorded the song, he realized that no one could be more suitable to express his brainchild than Lana.

“I think she’s incredible she’s such an amazing writer. Her voice, it’s Lana’s voice and when you hear it on speakers it’s amazing,” said the young star.


“I really had her in mind when I was writing ‘Young Blood’ and I think subliminally I was trying to do background vocals that sounded like her I was trying to do my best Lana impression and she was like ‘I feel like I’m already on this song’ and I was like yeah that’s kind of what I was going for.”

The beautiful single was released six months after Lana's “Lust for Life”. Before that, Lana Del Rey had already collaborated with many talented artists such as The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, Stevie Nicks...

“God Save Our Young Blood” is BØRNS’ latest single, after “Faded Heart”, “Sweet Dreams”, “I Do not Want U Back”… that were released a few months ago. “Blue Madonna” is the follow-up to the singer's 2015 album “Dopamine”. The album also includes remarkable hits like “Electric Love” and “10,000 Emerald Pools”.

Lana Del Rey had already listened to BØRNS’ album before the official release date. She later praised the male singer on Instagram: "So. This new Børns record is one of the craziest, best records I’ve heard in years, I’m so excited for it. Blue Madonna."

By: Roxana Edwards

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