5 A-listed stars who are strictly against Photoshop

Showbiz is a place full of Photoshopped photos, but that’s not something all celebrities support.

By 2015, Spanish actor Inma Cuesta criticized a newspaper after using Photoshop to make her arms and waist smaller.


"The photo on the right was taken with my mobile directly from computer in the photo shoot, it’s me completely, without any trap or effect, only Inma," the beautiful actress opened up. "The original photographs were never seen."

In 2016, Meghan Trainor removed her own “Me Too” music video after her waistline was over-edited without permission.


The singer admitted she was not so proud of the video: “When I saw it out, the fans were posting pictures of it, and I said, "Why are fans, like, Photoshopping my waist?" And then I said, "Oh god, is that the video?" Then I freaked out and called everyone.”

“And I am more upset because I don't want this whole music video and song, my second single, to be all focused on the Photoshopping, you know?,” she added.

Earlier this year, Iskra Lawrence also strongly criticized her own photos, which were too much Photoshopped.


“We weren't born thinking flaws made you less beautiful we are taught by society and the media that we should feel insecure about our flaws so we buy into certain products etc to 'improve' or attain perfection," said the model. "I can't leave home everyday retouched & live in the 'real world' airbrushed so why would I want to pretend to be online? I hope when you see what looks like perfect flawless images of ppl online you don't not ever feel insecure or less beautiful because it's not real."

In September, singer/actor Bella Thorne asked GQ Mexico not to edit her image to show she was not "perfect".


The 19-year-old frankly shared her views on Instagram: “I specifically asked for no re touching on this photo, and lemme tell you I have insecurities, about pretty much everything. That's natural & that's human. […] Know that it's completely normal to feel insecure and it's accepted. Honestly I wish everyone talked more about their insecurities so more people in the world could know they aren't alone. That it's ok.”

Also in September, model Emily Ratajkowski claimed that French magazine Madame Figaro used Photoshop to make her lips and breasts look neater.


"Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own ways. We all have insecurities about the things that make us different from a typical ideal of beauty. I, like so many of us, try every day to work past those insecurities," Ratajkowski shared honestly. "I was extremely disappointed to see my lips and breasts altered in photoshop on this cover. I hope the fashion industry will finally learn to stop trying to stifle the things that make us unique and instead begin to celebrate individuality."


By: Olivia Mendoza

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