Which are 10 best-selling brands in entertainment industry?

​​​​​​​We grew up with Mario, Pokémon, and Disney’s princesses. They have now become the world’s biggest and most popular media brands.

Launched in 1996, Pokémon with Pikachu as the most iconic image has been popular worldwide. You probably remember the Pokémon GO craze launched in mid-2016. The game broke the download record with 135 million downloads, creating an unprecedented craze worldwide.

In 2018, Pokémon GO reached the top of the highest-grossing mobile game, earning $ 795 million. There is still a community of millions of regular players scattered around the world. If you haven't realized it yet, Pokémon is the most influential media brand of all time with the highest sales in history that it's hard for any brand to surpass.


The number recorded so far is 92.1 billion USD of which the largest contribution is the spin-off products with sales of more than 61 billion USD. In addition, Nintendo also made a profit from video games with $17 billion, $10 billion from cards, and many other profitable media activities.

Following Pokémon is also another compatriot from Japan. Hello Kitty has made $80 billion mainly by selling spin-off items. Only a very small amount of less than 30 million USD is from comics or music. If considered only the revenue from selling the spin-off items, it can be said that Hello Kitty is the richest brand.

And if it is statistics about media brands, we cannot forget American Walt Disney Corporation. They own for themselves 3/5 the highest position in the top 25 brands, Winnie Pooh ($75 billion), Mickey Mouse ($70.5 billion), Star Wars ($65.6 billion). For Pooh bear and Mickey Mouse, the revenue from the spin-off goods accounted for the majority, 74.5 billion USD and 69.8 billion USD respectively, while the revenues from the movies were very small.


Star Wars ranked fifth. This is a symbol of American popular culture. Although the revenue from spin-off products still accounted for the highest percentage, more than 40 billion USD, the total revenue from movie theaters and living rooms had also surpassed 18 billion USD. Star Wars is one of Disney's key movie brands in the upcoming video streaming battle.

Number 6 was Anpanman, one of the most popular anime series in Japan for children, earning 60.2 billion USD, mostly thanks to the sale of spin-off products. Disney Princesses brand ranked 7th with 45.1 billion USD. Eighth is Mario, the most successful video game brand of all time with $36.1 billion in revenue, of which video games alone contributed $ 30 billion, higher than Pokémon.


Comic book Jump/Jump Shounen in Japan and Harry Potter occupy the last two positions in the top 10 respectively. Sales were recorded at 34.1 billion USD and 30.8 billion USD, respectively. While Jump Shounen magazine mainly makes money by publishing comic books ($33 ​​billion), the wizard's revenues are much more diverse. Harry Potter earned $9.1 billion from the box office, $7.7 billion from selling fiction books, $7.3 billion from other spin-off items.


By: Wallace Castillo

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