The undeniable attraction of animations' live-action versions

The success of ''The Lion King'' live-action with explosive sales has made audiences everywhere continue to long for other live-action blockbusters.

''The Lion King'' premiered in late July is considered a live-action adaptation of the 1994 classic animated film, just like other live-action films: ''Cinderella'', ''Beauty and the Beast'', ''Dumbo'', ''Aladdin''... released by Disney in recent years. From the start, Disney's live-actions have always received great support from the global audience and its new versions all grossed approximately $ 1 billion at the box office.

In 2010, Disney discovered how to retell its famous stories through a live-action version and from there, ''Alice in Wonderland'' was born.


Disney animations are very popular to all ages. Most adults loved Disney when they were a child, eagerly watching original stories like: ''Aladdin'', ''Lion King'', ''Beauty and the Beast''... In addition, these iconic animations are refreshed in the present era, the audience is also very excited to hear good dialogues and many life philosophies that educate young children about life, making adults contemplate and feel touched.

For example, ''The Lion King'' has conveyed many lessons about family, friendship, faith, love and efforts to rise in life for anyone. For children, the work also elicits compassion for nature and affection for the animal world.


As the graphics technology evolves and the virtual characters drawn on computers begin to become so flexible and realistic that they could act with real people in a frame, live-action films truly bring excitement to the audience.

In the upcoming November, cinemas will also introduce viewers "Sonic the Hedgehog", an adaption released by Paramount that revolves around the legendary Sonic's journey to save the world. The film is a blend of live-action and CGI (computer-generated imagery technology), directed by Jeff Fowler - who was nominated for an Oscar in 2005, and stared by comedy star Jim Carrey as the villain Robotnik, making fans excited about his comeback after a long absence.


After being pushed to an earlier release time, "Maleficent 2" - which is a remake with a little more details of the famous animation "Sleeping Beauty", will also be released in November. And yet, by the end of this year, Disney may continue to release a live-action version of "Lady and the Tramp".

Possessing a treasure of excellent animated screenplays, many huge names in the film industry cannot ignore the opportunity to turn past hit animation into movie projects. Therefore, live-action films have almost become a trend of world cinema with plenty of exploited and varied films, not only to make money from already popular franchises and characters, but also to take them to new viewers with new experience requirements of enjoyment.


By: Abigail Harris

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