Sofia Vergara - the highest paid actress in the world for 7 past years

Colombian beauty Sofia Vergara (46) has been the highest-paid television actress in the world for 7 years, since 2012.

Currently living and working mainly in the US, Sofia has dominated the income of TV actresses for the past 7 years, according to Forbes (USA). The role that brought her a lot of success in the past was Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the hit TV series "Modern Family" (USA). Besides, beauty also received countless advertising contracts. According to Forbes estimates, in 2018, Sofia earned $ 42.5 million from participating in "Modern Family" and advertising contracts.


Not only possessing a beautiful appearance, good acting ability, but also the success of the actress was cultivated from her hard work effort many years before being known to the public. Here are the little-known secrets of the Colombia beauty on America's small screen.

The beauty has naturally blonde hair


Famous for the beauty of long curly hair, but Sofia Vergara has natural blond hair. She chose to wear a dark hair color by realizing that it gave her an impressive and strong look, so she would be easy to impress and attract the attention of filmmakers at Hollywood more.

“I have a natural blond hair color, my siblings all have blond hair. When I started acting in Hollywood, people didn't know what role they should give me. A Latin girl with blond hair will be no different from American girls. In Los Angeles, they need sexy hot Latin women with distinctive beauty,” Sofia once shared with Parade magazine.

The Latin beauty almost became a dentist


After graduating from high school, Sofia majored in dentistry: "At that time, I did not want to become an actress. I just want to be a dentist, but you never know what life will bring to you.”

Her career has forever followed a turning point, which was expected in one day for Sofia to go to the beach and those who were recruiting new faces for the advertising company to pay attention to her. Her first job was to appear in a popular brand's beverage advertisement in 1992. Sofia's charm with the small screen started from there.

The beautiful woman gave birth to her first child at the age of 19


At the age of 18, Sofia Vergara married a man named José González, according to what she shared with Parade magazine, which was her first love in high school. A year later, they welcomed a son, named Manolo, but Sofia divorced at the age of 20 due to an unhappy marriage. The son was renamed to Manolo Gonzalez -Ripoll Vergara.

The actress raised her son as a single mother, now her son is 26 years old and has his own modeling career. Sofia also found happiness with actor Joe Manganiello when they married in November 2015.

Sofia Vergara has been used to the entertainment world before she became famous


At the beginning of her career, Sofia realized that there was a need for a professional agency for entertainment talents from South America, to help them get better opportunities in the industry. American location. In 1994, she founded a management company with her own manager at the time.

More than two decades have passed since its inception, Sofia’s company has now become the largest management company of Latin American talents. Sofia continues to collaborate with her former assistant and their small company has now become an entertainment empire worth millions of dollars.

Sofia Vergara has overcome cancer to survive


In the journey of Sofia Vergara, to succeed like today, she had to go through events, including the diagnosis of thyroid cancer in 2000. At that time, she decided to keep this secret and only shared it for the first time in public in 2011. It was 9 years ago when she joined the popular TV series "Modern Family". At this time, Sofia was not a famous actress, she just played advertisements and TV dramas dedicated to the Latin American audience. Sofia silently underwent surgeries and treatments, until today, she still has to continue taking medication.

By: Grace White

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