Smilyana Zaharieva: The female singer with choir-like voice

Guinness World Records recognized singer Zaharieva has the highest female voice volume of 113.8 dB in the world, equivalent to the sound of a choir or siren.

Smilyana Zaharieva is a 48-year-old Bulgarian female singer. She has a gift, which is a powerful voice with a volume of up to 113.8 dB, equivalent to the sound of a rock concert. Recently, Guinness World Records has officially recognized her as one of the most powerful voices in the world. 


To be officially recognized for this title, singer Zaharieva underwent a completely quiet recording studio test and a sound field of 110  decibels (dB) - equal to the space of a rock show, with the volume measuring device placed 2.5m away from her while also holding the note for a minimum of five seconds.  

With a display index of 113.8 dB, the Guinness World Records officially recognizes singer Zaharieva as the person with the highest female voice volume in the world, equivalent to the sound of a choir or siren. The record for the world's largest shouting is now 121 dB by Irish teacher Annalise Flanagan, but this has not been a record for vocal volume before. 


In his childhood, Smilyana Zaharieva learned to sing folk songs at the folk art school in the Rhodope mountain forest, southern Bulgaria before pursuing a formal course at the Plovdiv Academy. After graduating, she was a member of the music group "The Great Voices of Bulgaria" with performances worldwide. By 1996, she temporarily left the singing career to take care of her family. 

Smilyana Zaharieva and her husband opened a small travel company, and normally she only sang to close family and friends whenever she had the opportunity. Love for the arts once again awakened her passion for her: “I always feel there is a gap in me. And then I realize I want to sing my voice on the stage again.” In 2015, she challenged herself to sing with 101 Rhodope bagpipes - the most distinctive symbol of Bulgarian folk music. Svetla Stanilova, the head of the Plovdiv Conservatory, had to acknowledge Zaharieva's excellent vocal ability. He was also one of several experts present in Guinness' trial. Some experts representing the Guinness World Records praised that this female singer’s voice has not only with great volume but also the beauty of timbre. 


She is also a yoga lover and interested in oriental meditation techniques. Not simply living with a passion for singing, this female artist is persisting with the path to discover the hidden power of sound and music in the treatment of diseases. 

By: Grace White

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