How will Spider-Man affect 'Venom 2' after leaving Marvel?

​​​​​​​The fact that Tom Holland's Spider-Man character left the MCU could lead to significant changes to the second installment of the "Spider-Man" eternal rival: Venom.

Over the past few years, Marvel Studios and Sony have teamed up to bring the third version of the superhero who shoots silk on the big screen. Unlike Spider-Man portrayed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the version played by Tom Holland is part of the vast Marvel movie universe, existing alongside other big superheroes like The Avengers.

Following the successful rebirth of the Spider-Man franchise in Captain America: Civil War, Sony has revealed a solo movie about Venom starring Tom Hardy. The film quickly gained attention with a series of questions surrounding Venom's ability to be associated with the MCU, and whether he and Spider-Man could meet one day or not.

When Venom came to theaters last year, the film didn't mention the MCU at all, but the ability of the later films to be slightly modified to include Venom in the MCU is not impossible. Despite receiving mixed reviews, Venom still became a box office bomb, grossing more than $850 million worldwide.

The success of the film has made the discussion of the next Venom movie with the participation of Spider-Man more exciting. The actors and the producers behind these two characters have also talked about the opportunities to fulfill the audience's wishes many times, including Marvel saying that they can do it and just wait for the decision of Sony.

However, the dream was shattered, because the relationship between Marvel Studios and Sony was broken. As a result, Sony takes full control of the Spider-Man brand. And because the company is planning to create its own movie universe, new possibilities are gradually opening up for Venom 2.

Will Spider-Man be able to be present in Venom 2?


Spider-Man and Venom once encountered each other on the big screen - the movie Spider-Man 3 with Tobey Maguire starring it - but this film didn’t meet the expectation of many fans. Garfield's Spider-Man never mentioned this symbiote (except for a few minor details), so when Hardy took on the role of Venom in the solo movie, their hope was rekindled. Not only fans but both Holland and Hardy also expressed interest in the idea of ​​Spider-Man confronting Venom. During Venom's filming and post-production, there were rumors that Holland would appear as Peter Parker - but this did not happen, despite Sony's intense interest.

Now that Sony has taken complete control of Tom Holland's Spider-Man, they can take advantage of the opportunity to turn the idea into reality. Spider-Man and Venom are the two most notable characters that Sony owns, and Tom Hardy's Venom surely has a certain audience.

Putting the two together in one movie could yield great results at the box office, which means a subsequent billion-dollar hit is entirely possible. If Sony really wants to do this as quickly as possible, then Venom 2 is the first choice. This film will be Holland's 6th time playing Spider-Man, and Hardy's second time playing Venom, both taking place in the same movie.

However, if he did, Venom 2 would have to explain how and why Holland's Spider-Man suddenly appeared out of nowhere and became part of the story. Hardy is currently helping Kelly Marcel write the script for the film, but it is likely that Sony has foreseen the situation and been ready for everything.

Since filming has not yet begun and Andy Serkis has only recently been hired to direct, there may be up to two scenarios for Venom 2 being developed simultaneously. Marvel Studios used to do the same with Captain America: Civil War to have two different scenarios depending on whether the Spider-Man deal with Sony was reached or not. Sony would probably have done this to Venom 2 if they suspected the deal with Marvel was likely to break.

Venom 2 can be rated R


Whether Spider-Man will appear in Venom 2 or not, the fact that Marvel and Disney are no longer involved in the film will give Sony the freedom to make R-rated movies. The audience’s age range of Venom was controversy before the release last year. Many fans thought that Venom was a character who must definitely be rated R but ended up being rated PG-13.

This decision helped Venom reach the younger audience, and the box office revenue showed that the character still attracted guests although the content was brighter than the comic. However, the criteria of film grading are not always the same, and the filmmakers are never sure how their films will be classified.

As it turned out, one of the reasons Venom was rated PG-13 was to make way for this character to enter the MCU. Apparently, the decision to include Venom in the MCU was not made before the film's premiere, even though Kevin Feige was supposedly aiding the making of the film. Now, no longer partnering with the MCU, Sony can continue their intentions for Venom and other spinoff series.

The plan is to create an R-rated superhero universe. If Sony believes the deal with Marvel has ended, and now they don't have to follow any more rules, then Venom 2 will be the first chance for them to fulfill their original intent.

Of course, making a decision is not a simple task. Venom's box office sales exceeded all expectations, and Sony could be quite hesitant about any changes. R ratings for Venom 2 mean that some viewers who have seen the first movie cannot see it, and Spider-Man's appearance in an R-rated movie is also quite strange. Plus, if there's a chance to reunite with Marvel someday, Sony will have to return to the PG-13 rating for every future movie.

By: Salvador Clayton

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