Brooklyn Beckham showed up sloppily at Winbledon final

David Beckham's eldest son and his girlfriend Hana Cross came to the Wimbledon final. The 20-year-old photographer was captured in a sloppy and aged appearance.

According to the Daily Mail, on July 14, Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfriend Hana Cross went to see the final of Wimbledon 2019. The couple showed up in well-matched outfits. 

Despite the beige color selection, Brooklyn Beckham looked grumpy and older than his real age, contrary to Hana's chic look. Brooklyn's facial hair was unshaved and his hair was long and even slightly oily. It is hard to believe that Hana Cross is actually 02 years older than her boyfriend. 

David Beckham’s eldest son showed up in a sloppy look. His hunchback also attracted people’s attention. 

Brooklyn Beckham and Hana Cross have openly dated since October 2018. The couple often argue during the relationship. Cannes Film Festival (May, 2019) witnessed a climax between them. Many people confirmed that they had seen Beckham and his girlfriend quarrelling, crying and insulting each other with most ironic words. The argument was so intense that the guards were forced to intervene and separate the couple. 

Regarding the scandal at Cannes, David and Victoria Beckham both feel humiliated. According to The Sun, the couple considered the constant quarrel between Brooklyn and Hana as a premise for a "toxic relationship". 

Brooklyn Beckham used to fight with his girlfriend at Cannes Film Festival in May 2019. 

According to some sources, David Beckham repeatedly advised his son to stay away from Hana Cross, and warned Brooklyn not to take her to any of the family’s events. However, the Beckham’s eldest boy did not take his father's advice seriously. 

Beckham’s eldest son is not widely admired because of his incompetency and complicated love affairs. At the age of 15, thanks to his father’s great reputation, Beckham received invitations from the top three English football teams: Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United respectively. The boy was trained as a defender. However, he was disqualified in the end. 

Brooklyn did not seem too be bothered by the unsuccessful sport career. On the contrary, he quickly realized his passion for art. From 2014, Brooklyn was often accompanied by his mother to major international fashion events to expand his network. 

Objectively speaking, Brooklyn’s physical appearance does not stand out from the crowd. But power and relationship are things that cannot be overlooked. Despite having no exceptional talents to join the fashion world, Brooklyn was still trained to become a famous model. Later, he appeared on the cover of New York Times Style, Reserved, and etc. 

Not having been successful in modelling, Brooklyn Beckham gave up quickly and turned to photography. Once again, Beck-Vic went to help him again. Things have become more controversial than ever when Brooklyn Beckham won the right to take charge of the image of the marketing campaign for Burberry. 

In June 2017, Brooklyn Beckham released his first photo book What I see. Immediately after being released, the work received countless negative comments criticizing the captions and the images’ quality. Later, Brooklyn also attended a photography school in New York but left it badly and returned to England to live with his family.

By: Chris Stewart

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