IT 2 star: The “professor” attracts fans with his bright blue eyes

​​​​​​​People just contemplate the handsomeness of the IT 2 clown - Bill Skarsgård but forget the big Bill - James McAvoy is also super good looking!

Since its release, the cast of The Losers' Club in IT 2 has always received great attention from the audience. Especially Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy), the leader who stutters but captures the only heroine in the film. These dreamy blue eyes and captivating acting skills have their reasons! Let's take a look at some interesting facts about McAvoy.

1. Empty-handedly building himself up

James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston are all British and their acting talent cannot be denied. However, if McAvoy’s colleagues are both children of the rich and royal lineage, McAvoy has a very normal starting point and must go through a hard childhood.

McAvoy was born in Scotland. His mother was a nurse while his father was a bricklayer. In his childhood memory, the actor had suffered many tragedies from the divorce of his parents when he was only 7 years old to the younger brother and his half-brother serving prison sentences for murder.

If the other famous actors were all born and trained from expensive schools, James McAvoy had to work part-time at a bakery to pay tuition to study at the Institute of Music and Drama Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama - where he graduated in 2000.

When talking about the "rich kid" issue becoming an actor, the actor frankly shared that he himself felt weak compared to cases where apples don’t fall far from the tree. He also worried about society being gradually unfair regarding access to art because it is not equally divided among all classes. "At that time, art only represented a social group and it was really harmful," James McAvoy said.

2. He used to want to be a priest


If you say that James McAvoy had a very clear intention and orientation to become a priest, everyone who listened to it would be freaked out. Perhaps because he realized he was not destined to do this job, he happily said that his intention to be a priest was only to satisfy his traveling.

In fact, James McAvoy was quite serious about being a parish priest when he graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School - a Christian school in Glasgow. However, fortunately, he decided to "switch career" to become an actor. He himself admitted the same when commenting on a kissing scene with Angelina Jolie in ‘Wanted’: "You will have to give up this happiness if you become a priest".

3. From handsome characters to troubled ‘beasts’


Among the famous actors in Hollywood, some of them are lucky enough to have 1 or 2 movies to reach the stardom status, but for James McAvoy, his road was much longer.

As a handsome British actor with deep blue eyes, it's no wonder that the male leads based on a literary novel were always for him. These include McAvoy's mesmerizing roles such as Tom LeFroy in Becoming Jane (Jane Austen's love story) alongside Anne Hathaway or Robbie in Atonement (based on the novel of McEwan with the same name) with Keira Knightley.

Not only did he play the handsome characters, but he also tried complex psychological roles such as the Scottish doctor in The Last King of Scotland - a film that brought him the first major award of his career - the Scottish BAFTA Award.

Next up are life-changing roles like Simon - a guy who was hypnotized and hallucinated in Trance or the role of Victor Frankenstein - a genius but crazy scientist in the movie of the same name in 2015. But McAvoy's name only got the most attention when he took on the roles of mutants and beasts. Charles Xavier played by the handsome actor in the series X-Men has helped him get closer to the audience.

However, for the real movie enthusiasts, most people think that the role of McAvoy's monster in Split ranks number 1. In Split, he transformed into a character with multiple personality psychosis and had planned to escape his 24th personality - The Beast. This is considered the most difficult role in the British actor's career, but the positive feedback about his acting in this movie was really worth the effort.

4. Despite such fortune, he only drove a 2,000 USD car


If other actors have always liked to show their personal lives and show off luxury brands on social networks to attract attention, McAvoy has a simple and modest lifestyle. Through many movies and certain success, James McAvoy is still living in an average neighborhood and used to drive a Nissan Micra car worth only about $ 2,000 on the market.

The actor shared that he still liked living the life of an ordinary person before he became famous, McAvoy has a hobby of cooking at home with friends and dislikes attending noisy parties. He is also determined to stay in the UK to pursue an acting career, although most of his colleagues have moved to the United States to pursue their careers easier.

Not only humble, but McAvoy is also a silent philanthropist. He once jumped from the tallest hospital building in the world to help raise funds for the Retrak Children's Charity in Uganda. In addition, he is an important philanthropist of the British Red Cross.

By: Diana Scott

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